Wiltshire Bases Event – Interactive Contact Experiment

Phase #1 –  10 mins after walking with group to top of hill range over-looking area known for a decade or more for its crop-circle phenomena.
Distant twinkling light-craft – seen through Infra-red within a few minutes of 30 minute walk to top of Knapp Hill

After this episode –  witnessed via image enhancement scopes and with naked eye –  we walked to over-look the infamous East-Field where numerous crop circle related phenomena have taken place over the years. however –  what we then experienced from multiple directions was different in nature to the vast majority of footage related to the area’s history [and controversy] with regards circles.

The video below was caught last minute and live –  minus a tripod –  which we didn’t carry up the incline as weather indications suggested to those of us with some experience in ET ineraction – that the chances of something taking place was minimal…. how wrong we were.

This footage was rushed together for the scheduled conference talk the next morning, so excuse the un-edited, jerky nature.

Full on interaction as phenomenon comes closer and responds to the mini-meditation process we’ve practised since investigating craft interaction.

Phase #2 – Last Minute Post-Conference Skywatch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAp3zTgjmxE

CT AdminsWiltshire Bases Event – Interactive Contact Experiment

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