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Contact 2.0 and the New ERGO – Exopolitics Research Group Online


Introducing: Exo-Research Group Online

A project for researchers who take research and exosciences seriously!

The purpose is to build a) an international Community of Practice (CoP) as an umbrella organization for individuals as well as Communities of Practice on national levels; and b) a network of peers to assist in peer review.

For more information on Communities of Practice, see:

Suggested Research Projects:

  • International Inventory of ‘Best Evidence’ of the Extraterrestrial Presence, which consists of a compilation of the ‘Best Evidence’ per country. The following categories of evidence are suggested:
    • Legislation and Documents, including publicly released documents, FOIA documents, leaked documents, …
    • Whistleblowers
    • UFO Cases
    • Contactees and Abductees
    • Exo-archeology, religion, mythology
  • International ‘Expertise Locator,’ which consists of a collection of national expertise locators: Who’s Who list of people and organizations dedicated to ET and UFO research (per country)
  • Contactee & Alien Abduction Research: profiling of abductees, abductors, inventory of actions, geographical differences, etc. Again, this can be done per country, and then compiled internationally.
  • Phenotypes: What types of extraterrestrials have been encountered?
  • Policy: what needs to be done to prepare for disclosure, and for “after disclosure,” …
  • Galactic Diplomacy: prepare for Contact, and for “after contact” …
  • Exosciences: Exosociobiology, Exolinguistics, Exobiology, Exopsychology, Exo-archeaology…


adminContact 2.0 and the New ERGO – Exopolitics Research Group Online


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