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Changing Contact Cases – Brett and Star Craft

The nature of contact with visiting intelligences from other star systems, dimensions etc has played a far greater role than most of the earth’s population  believe at this moment in time. however –  as they begin to now integrate with us at a more overt level, the phenomenon of encountering or interfacing with both their craft and their many cultures appears to have undergone some obvious and not so obvious shifts.

Those that observe closely will know that the over-hyped “abduction” scenario has virtually ended. This was a bi-directional DNA splicing agreement – but it seems that 2012 heralded the completion of this evolutionary exchange program.

It was only in the 1950s and early 60s that individuals such as George King, Howard Menger and George Adamski were invited on-board craft and taken for trips round the moon or solar system. They were told the usual cliches that the earth is under threat from many factors –  especially nuclear weapons and power.  In addition –  they seemed to all come from handy, known locations – suited to the flying saucer film and media hysteria of that post war era – ie: Jupiter or Venus. Just enough not to shock us.

Nope - this is no UFO, it's a " Star-Craft" - one of many aspects of changing contact post 2012

Nope – this is no usual UFO style phenomenon… it’s been named a ” Star-Craft” by USA based experiencer ‘Brett’  – one of many aspects of changing contact post 2012.
See additional CE5 footage taken by UK groups, which is similar to his encounters – and listen to the US based radio session below for more.

Image Credit: 2013 Pennine CE5 Group

The 1980s brought a different approach –  with the dark twist of government involvement and disinformation agendas on a priority higher than the H-Bomb clearance.  Yup – pause and take that in for a moment. These ‘hallucinatory’ saucer and ‘lil green men’ were, from 1947, judged to be more important than the Manhattan Project [something also kept quiet despite 1000s working on the project… who says things can’t be kept secret?] –  a bizarre and ultimately a hugely damaging policy practice. This post WW2 decision [somewhat understandable in a coming Cold War paranoia era on top of being outrun in the skies by mysterious discs] led to this issues common sense ‘Disclosure’ becoming a trans-global game of whack-a-mole in subsequent decades. Small groups in the public sphere worked with leaks from within these covert organisations to pry open the lid on what in fact is our birth right- ie: the fact we are not the sole inhabitants of the universe and associated technology to solve many of our terrestrial woes has been offered to our representative power structures but still kept from truly reaching everyone’s daily existence.

Given we now have several decades of contact accounts and analysis, PLUS given we seem to be approaching some sort of global end-point shift [banking, environment, war –  take your pick], we appear to have had a fundamental change in the interaction with the wider ‘federation’ of these intelligences who are here to help us move to a new level of conscious awareness.  If you’ve attended Exopolitics or UFO events or read  several authentic contact accounts –  you’ll already have seen this shift taking place. Meeting being ‘from Venus’ and getting a trip in a saucer is now a relic of the exopolitical past. Instead contact has become much broader –  yet  focusing tightly on each of us and our life decisions from this moment on to prepare us for what could be termed a ‘reality flip’.

Whilst 2012 was over-hyped –  it did have a purpose in raising awareness and creating a metaphorical line in the sand. Now each of us interested in the human condition and our own awareness has to locate their own platform for the coming few years. part of this site will attempt to illustrate these changes in contact and discuss why it’s probably relevant to you – precisely becaue you are reading this page. More to follow – in the mean time here’s a US case that has some aspects of this new shift that we’ll be focusing on and exploring in the near future.  evidence caught by contact groups in the UK has strong links to the objects ‘Brett’ has encountered, although his experience appears to have gone on for longer.

Note the reference to ‘star’ formations and 8mm film.  This becomes a theme we’ll build on soon.

Please comment and feedback on the page itself or via email.  Further podcasts discussing these ideas in more detail are on their way.

Star-Craft Interacting ‘UFOs’ and Advanced Stages of Intentional Contact by Individuals –  2 Hour Radio Interview

There’s some chit-chat between the guests but the story builds gradually. Skip to 12 mins into part 1 if you’re part of the youtube ‘3 mins and bored’ genre 😉

Part one – Brett, Rense, Filer, Chille

Part two – Brett, Rense, Filer, Chille

Audio courtesy of Jeff Rense. 
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CT AdminsChanging Contact Cases – Brett and Star Craft

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