A Close Encounter of the Lycra-Disco Kind in England – 1977

Contact Case UK –  Source:  MapIT  files – 1977.

Notice –  The mass “grey” narrative of 3 and 6 foot almond-eyed ETs as the contact symbol had yet to take full effect by the late 70s…

The following incident came to our attention during February 1977. The meeting was witnessed by three children (two of them twins ten years). His parents are very respectable people and because of the possible bad publicity, they do not want their names to be used. Therefore, children should be referred to as Susan and John Harris.

Before proceeding further I would like to point out that the third witness, whom he referred to as Paul Smith, was not interviewed; The reason is that when contacted by Mapit, denied all knowledge of the incident. Speaking of John Harris became apparent that Paul’s parents had told him not to tell anyone.

The incident took place in northern Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom. The exact date is not known, but events took place in the latter part of August 1976, on a Friday afternoon between the hours of 12:00 and 13:00. The area where the sighting occurred a long plot of waste land overlooked by Reddish Vale Golf Club, with railway lines running alongside. Regarding the end of this earth is a primary school and the local reservoir.

Children were playing in the desert, around a cabin that had been built for them by a neighbor. Susan was tired and thirsty so I went into the cabin so she and the kids some drinks orange. The boys were out playing for some bushes. Suddenly, the boys saw a flash of silver pass before his eyes, and heard a squeaking noise from the direction of the bush. Then, from the inside of the bushes, he appeared a figure carrying a silver one-piece dress. He had a short beard gray and yellow, longish hair. The boys were shocked because he was hovering about six inches above the ground! Then suddenly, the figure disappeared.

Meanwhile, Susan was completing the drinks was not aware at this point that the incident was: But then she heard a rustling outside the hut and then looked out the window saw itself the same figure with a beard, I was looking at her face. I did not know it was so she stared back. The figure then a small shovel of a belt around his waist is removed and began digging soil samples and placing them in a small transparent bag around his waist.

Susan for some reason, then was frightened and scream for boys. As soon as this was done, but the figure vanished into thin air. She ran out and after discussing the incident children agreed it was the same figure. The children then decided to look around and see if it was still about the area. Everyone started walking toward the neaby schoolyard, and then saw it , was near the school fence, leaned over to take more samples.

After a few minutes the figure seemed to enter the land and had disappeared again. As they walked near the fence of the school who saw a silver rise saucer shaped object slowly from the playground and move out west to lose sight.

The figure was as high as Susan and John father, who is 5 ‘9 “, which had a very pale complexion and wore a single piece of silver clothes” like a track suit. ” The pants at the bottom seemed to be “elastic” and there were four or five buttons that run along the chest. hair was yellow with a gray beard, his eyes were like “Cats” or with a shovel and plastic (?) sample bags hanging all the way around. footwear appeared to be black shoes with thick soles on them, hands covered with silver gloves. No sound or smell aired at any time after the figure.
It is unfortunate that we learned of the case after such a long delay, since any possible trace long sinced gone. A portion of the meeting that makes it sound like fantasy, when the figure is supposedly fell on the ground.

On research in the exact place where the figure had doubled, a possible explanation was discovered. As the children were about 400 yards from the figure, which might have confused her bending down in a hole and going under the fence (which is broken at the exact point) and enter the playground, as go on the floor. This is quite feasible remembering the rough ground between the figure and young witnesses.

Finally, let me say that I was very impressed by the Harris family and I am keeping in touch with them in case of any developments. If there is anyone reading this who would like to try the look “teenage observer,” I would like to know a lot of them:

Images Below –  Classic Contact “Synchro Fashion Timing” –  Just like the Billy Meier, Voluminous Swiss Case…

CT AdminsA Close Encounter of the Lycra-Disco Kind in England – 1977

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