Waves of weird and untimely deaths – From Frank Olson to Contemporary Microbiologists

Frank Olson was one of the first to get a “briefing” from the CIA and/or other agencies which grew from 1947 onwards in the USA and globally. Much os this was blaiamed on the new “Cold War” – but in infact more dedicated reading and longer term perspectives maybe inject a far more impactful world0view on these often patriotic, Catholic, academic types who were deliberately isolated fro the wider agenda[a] and as the reality post Roswell that we were sharing a planet with a ‘dying’  humanoid race – the tall and short so called Greys.

This gradually filtered admission [read the book UFO-Highway by Anthony Sanchez for one accomplished take on this era] wasn’t so much about bug eyed beings essentially telling us we were no longer master of the Universe by their having survived  in hi-tech adorned caverns –  later termed – D.U.M.B.s [Deep Underground Military Bases] –  but to those who thought deeper instead of seeing it s some “SoviET threat” – were picked out and subjected to LSD sessions that would make the later player of  60s’s-80’s  rogue academia – Dr Timothy Leary’s rules of “Emotional Set and  Environmental Setting” a darkly damaging short era of playing with fire. And yes, this was with some of their best –  their “own” ?!  Paranoia spreads faster when those with power as a defence mechanism are in charge f such secret groups and projects.

This goes on in an exponential manner post WW2. The more ET information gained –  the more out shared view of reality and history became full of holes.  Dr Leary knew that those dogmatic personalities would usually suffer the greatest crashes post experience – LSD or not –  given sufficient information of a new world view. So heavy religious types and nose-down scientists were the last people to use a ‘truth experiment’ on.

And if you fail the acid test –  like Frank –  you end up “jumping from a high hotel window”. His son has worked for years to solve the mystery f his father’s death –  resulting in an award wining documentary in 2016.

“First hour guest, UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett detailed a troubling pattern involving the recent deaths of ET/UFO researchers. Not only did fast acting cancers kill both author Philip Coppens and Starchild researcher Lloyd Pye, but the documentary filmmaker James Allen (who recently completed a film on alien propulsion with Mark McCandlish) appears to have been poisoned to death with heavy metals (toxicology report), Bassett reported. He warned that there could be a campaign to silence people who’re getting too close to the truth about the ET presence.”

David Griffin – 2018

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CT AdminsWaves of weird and untimely deaths – From Frank Olson to Contemporary Microbiologists

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