Open-Minded, Patient and Advanced Contact Listeners Only – Semantics of Contact Talk – 1971

“I’m not trying to convince or sell you on the idea if you don’t believe it, that’s fine…   you’ll find out in the end…”

This is not cable or 4K youtube , thus neither where those who know  no reality aside from demanding a, perfect,  hi definition internet should waste their time. Quality of information may mean the odd drop-out and crackle/static…. which to today’s you-tube goldfish attention span  mind – sometimes means:

1. This automatically makes the content “fishy” or a hoax.

2. They focus far more on the  “bad” audio than  giving the content  a listen –  which really tells ou everything about some in this generation.  Don’t ant to sound like and old-bastard –  but try having ZERO  sources of information on this area and having to  walk round2 dusty second-hand book-shops in 3 towm/cities to find just one gem you may think worth a read?  Guess this is more of a metaphor now – but many of you will know exactly why i am making such a point…. hope it gives a s,all glow from your personal history if you’re on, like me, who spanned the arrival of internet technologies from the late 1980s on 😉


Rare discussion on alien technology,  language, meaning and contact. –  With thanks to collector Wendy  Connors. 

CT AdminsOpen-Minded, Patient and Advanced Contact Listeners Only – Semantics of Contact Talk – 1971


  1. Steve Zarpas

    The speaker is absolutely brilliant. 40 years later the information is still relevant.

    His preface about not falling prey to Orthodox prejudice is required just as much today.

    If standard Newtonian science cannot explain prime data collected by many millions of people, perhaps our science is flawed.

    Expand your horizons.


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