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Space Weapons, Britain as Euro Messenger for US and Russia

 Space Weaponisation has been denied and hinted at (according to military and diplomatic need) from the 1970s onwards…  the bold outlines below are those of the article editor here and not the Daily Mail Scotland where this first appeared… From a future point of view –  or an ‘Exo-Political’ one –  humans launching space weapons systems  into L.E.O or higher …

CT AdminsSpace Weapons, Britain as Euro Messenger for US and Russia
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Dreaming Saucers – UK Event

 Evolving Times – If you look at one or two of the recent posts on this  page/site –  you’ll see one podcast with a certain US host I’ve known for circa 20 years which, amongst to morass of ‘clickbate’ or just downright poor/desperate internet radio ‘shows’ on the wider issues we’ve covered since 2003 [the start of the UFOlogy re-booting …

CT AdminsDreaming Saucers – UK Event
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Space Treaty and Weaponisation

 This site is a compact and more directed version of a 15 year Exopolitics national site – run as part of the US based Exopolitics Institute and Paradigm Research Group. Although Exopolitics carried out a much needed revamping of a stale 1980s/90s UFOlogy, achieved 23 national groups globally and beat ALL New Age/UFO type events in size in Spain in …

CT AdminsSpace Treaty and Weaponisation