Audio #1 –  June 23rd 2018
For full 3hr talk – Access the forum and members area at their ‘plus’ site…  huge archive of other interviews on a wide spectrum of content.

NB: Correction –  Alec was not jailed for 9 years… it was a year of which he served around half.  This is the problem with being asked to cover material that is highly detailed but people need both an over-view and a recent update….
One  person can only hold X amount of data –  especially when there are aspects that in my personal experience and others mentioned in the chat are best kept for a future date when the environment is more conducive to not having to think before you make public certain situations.

This is nothing nefarious –  it’s more about timing –  when reality is suitable to  adding some aspects into the conversation without causing more questions from whatever direction or source….


CT AdminsTHC – The HigherSide Chat – David Griffin – June 2018