Changing Times – Changing Forms

CE5, Morphing Plasma Forms: – – Some think these are military or prankStar ‘flares’ ?!

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I’m sure both sceptics and the UK  military have got better things to do than arrive regularly for 4-5 of our long-term Northern groups  – who met formally at ex-Police officer and experiencer Alan Godfrey’s well attended charity talk  some years back….

*Contact* *Times* – Tree Timing…. (private link for higher resolution version if requested) – Group credits below.

– CE5, Morphing Plasma Forms: – – Some, no direct experience commentators seem to think they’re ok to  definitively claim these are rival UFO nerd and/or military ‘flares’ 😉 ?!

– Low/Basic Quality Example: *Watch at 720 resolution* if on youtube.

Out of fear or some other reason those of us round the planet who are in touch due to experiencing a specific form of ‘light-ship’ anomalous contact are told that we are seeing flares released with perfect timing to levitate, with zero smoke trail for several minutes.

– If interested, Listen to the podcast where this notion was discussed in detail and why many of us can prove this is not the case plus reason why such footage prompts such an immediate and fixed response in a small number of  seasoned scene regulars. It’s a theory that has proven itself on many levels over recent years.

– Not only can many of us who have documented interaction with intelligent craft demonstrate that what sometimes appear as common planes are sometimes using that as a cover or cloaking system – we can also demonstrate star like illuminations in response to group or individual requests.
In this footage – we found the object in ‘star-craft’ illuminated form – behind a nearby tree – which, once it has been registered, moves slowly towards a hill ridge and morphs into a fully silent “flat” craft footage with strobing lights.

– We call this the ‘line-craft’ – note it does not adhere to basic *laws of optics* as we have long ‘motion’ lighting strips but simultaneously the camera records a none-blurring round light(s) or orbs. The two should not be possible when recorded under current, terrestrial camera technology.

Footage after bizarre sequence of events subsequent to usual pub meet-up, resulting in pulled-over car between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, West Yorks.
- S/ware editing and N/vision footage - David G, cheap, last-minute camcorder footage: Anna M., phone cam back-up by Paul H..
I.C.A.N. network comprises of small groups who share footage which has SOME aspect of the Hynek "CE5" interaction/description.

Youtube Version -  backup.


*Energy Domains of the Human System — Part I*

Let us begin: now, at first, what we will need to explain as a foundation
may seem to some to be a little bit technical, a little bit scientific, but
do not let that bother you. It is only a label. It is completely
understandable and you will see, as it is explained, it will make sense
easily. And you will see how this relates to how you have expressed
yourselves as physicalized beings, and how you can use this relationship to
the energy domains that we will now describe — how you can use this
relationship in your daily experiences.

But first, let us lay the foundation of scientific principals, so to speak,
that we have termed for convenience, the Prime Radiant — Prime Radiant.

Now, what this essentially means is this, and again, remember, all we are
now talking about are analogies, metaphors, similes, things that are
symbolically representative of this concept. These are just convenient
terms, just to explain the concept in /your/ dimensional reference.

Imagine, if you will — you have heard discussed many times on your planet
the concept of subatomic particles, atoms, electrons, quarks, whatever
again you wish to call them — imagine, if you will, the smallest, in your
estimation, possible particle which could exist. All your scientists know
that when they talk about the infinitesimally small particles, they’re not
really talking about real particles, per se, in the same way that you think
of solid matter. It is energy fluctuations and flashes of light, vortexes
of, and all manner of other definitions that they feel may more precisely
define what this subatomic particle is, but for the purpose of this idea –
subatomic particle is fine. You don’t have to worry about the precision or
accuracy of this term; you’ll get the concept.

Now, image, if you will, this most small, most prime elemental particle out
of which all material structures are made; this one initial, single, primal
particle. Imagine, if you will, also, that this particle really — because
it isn’t really mass, isn’t really matter — has no weight, has no mass.
Is really affected not at all, like gravity or any other so-called forces
that exist. And as such, it possesses the ability of /infinite/ speed, not
just the speed of light, which is in some sense a boundary line to your
physiological reality. Not meaning that you cannot get somewhere more
quickly, but we will get into that more later. For this is infinite speed
and truly infinite speed, meaning that this particle has the ability to be
anywhere, even everywhere at once, at the same time. Nothing holds it
back. Very fast, very swift, everywhere at once, anywhere it wants to be,
all at the same time, because it is infinitely fast.

Because it can do this it will have the effect of appearing next to itself
from time to time. And doing so, so quickly, that back to you it would be
perceived as two particles, three particles, four particles, five
particles, ad infinitum. Billions of particles, but in reality is all /the/
/same one particle/; just appearing so quickly, next to itself, over and over
again in a variety of patterns that it appears to be billions and billions
of particles. But it is the same one particle.

Now, think about that for a moment, because if the particles that make up
you and your body are the same particles that make up the stars and all
planets in the universe, you are literally, even physically, all one thing.
Are you beginning to get the picture?

AUD: Yes.

B: All right. When we talk about everything being one, we do understand,
many times, most of you hold that concept on a non-physical, energetic
level, or allow physical reality to somehow fit in as a partial component,
but even on a physiological level everything is made out of the same one
little building block. You are all one thing. It is as though, in a sense,
just to push the analogy in a different direction for the moment, it is as
though you are all time-shared – so to speak. This little particle spends
some time being you and all the atoms in you, it spends a little time being
the planet over there, the star over there, taking turns popping here,
there, thither, thither and yon, to be all these things. Taking turns in
different disguises. “Now I am making all the atoms of a person, now I’m
making up all the atoms of the stars.” Back and forth, over and over, all
over the place, all at once, at the same time, because it is infinite.

Now, this idea of oneness, in this context, will allow you to really
understand why every time you make a change, any change, within the pattern
of your being, you change EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, because you have altered
the course of the particle. Everything is (not) slightly different, but
totally different because of it. So you do, even as a single individual,
have absolute unlimited and infinite impact on the entirety of existence in
everything you do. I mean every move you make, every thought you think.
Everything. The slightest twitch has changed stars, billions of light
years away. The slightest nuance of an idea has rearranged solar systems
and galaxies, even if it is only slightly.

And this is the essential concept that we wish to impart – it is a pattern.
This particle moving at infinite speed defines a particular course, a
particular path, a geometric pattern. This is what determines the shape of
things. You recognize this in your field of geometry, mathematics: the
underlying PATTERN of nature, the spirals, the golden geometry, the golden
proportions, the triangle, the tetrahedrons, the square, the circle. All
these geometric forms are expressions of the kind of pattern that is
representative of the path this single particle if taking, and the
different forms are representatives of the combinations of vibrational
patterns of the path this particle is taking. How things change. The
patterns change, pathway changes in some way, shape or form.

So to push this idea farther, recognize, that any kind of force that seems
to be holding two particles, two planets, anything together, isn’t really a
force traveling between them, not really a force acting upon them. It is
simply that they are in proximity because that’s where this line of the
path passes this line of the path, and they have to be in proximity because
that’s simply where they need to appear according to the pattern. Being
next to each other is simply because of their position on the path, and
they cannot easily be pulled apart because the path defines this piece is
here and this piece is here. There is no force acting between them, no
force acting on them, it is just a pattern in which they are set.

Again, it is a vibration; it is expressed in your dimensionality as the
concept of geometric form. It isn’t necessarily experienced that way on
all the levels, but in your physiological reality it is experienced as
geometric form, it comes through the levels and in a sense, crystallizes,
solidifies, to what you call the template plane, causal plane, so to speak,
that lays out the foundational template of the patterns that are
experienced in any particular dimensional level. It is the mind of the
Infinite. It is the consciousness, the soul of the Infinite, reflecting
Itself to Itself that causes the concept called patterns.

Let me explain it this way: let’s go back to the esoteric concept of the
One, the All, for a moment. Imagine, if you will, that there is only the
One, let’s just talk right now, for the purposes of illustration about some
arbitrary beginning — though we know that that is only happening within
existence and existence has always existed. But, for now, some arbitrary
beginning of creation that God and the One created. Everything is made of
God; there is no outside. The very concept of being All That Is means
there isn’t All That Is and then something extra over here. All That Is
/is/ All That Is, nothing is outside it.

So everything that exists in creation must, in a sense, be made of All That
Is. It’s a different version of All That Is, an aspect, an expression of
All That Is, expressing itself all that ways it can. Why? Because it can;
it doesn’t need a reason; it can, so it does.

The idea is to begin with this concept of there being at first, just one,
imagine, just one homogeneous All That Is, with no differentiation, no
diversification. You got it?

AUD: Yes.

B: All right. Unbroken, whole, true, no difference anywhere; it is just
one thing. Now the concept itself of becoming so self-aware implies,
automatically, a segregation; in a sense, the mirror has to be over here in
order to see the reflection of yourself over here. So, as soon as the One
became self-aware there was an immediate polarization, became two. That
starts setting up a pattern, and it simply cascaded from there; the two
became three, the three became four, the five, all. The idea of reflection
was born in every possible angle it could see itself that was created, and
thus, created a pattern. So the pattern is the result, again, very
arbitrary, very symbolically, is result of all the different angles, all
the different perspectives from which the One views itself. Does that make
some sense to you?

Q: Yes.

B: All right, remember, each and every one of you, each and every one of
us, every being, every thing, ever person, every place, every object, every
different thing in creation is another way that All That Is has of looking
at itself.

Q: Are you talking about the mind?

B: Well, in a sense. We understand that sometimes there can be some
confusion about different definitional labels, for mind can mean one thing
to us and another thing to another. To us, the term itself – mind –
specifically relates to consciousness as it expresses itself through
physiological, electromagnetic reality, where some people simply take
“mind” to be some consciousness itself, just awareness. For the purposes
of these descriptions, “mind” will be the electromagnetic version of
awareness, and we will simply use the term “awareness, knowingness, or
consciousness” for the greater concept of “mind.” Does that make some

Q: Yes.

B: All right, so there now you have this pattern of reflectivity, self-
reflectivity. And as consciousness crystallizes into “mind,” “matter,” it
began expressing this reflectivity as these geometric patterns in physical
reality. As there became a solid medium in which to experience this
reflectivity, it began to create these pathways and geometric forms and
templates within this solid medium — that’s how it expressed itself.

So the idea of this particle, initial particle — initially having no mass,
infinite speed, not being what you would call a very solid thing at all —
being very nebulous, very immaterial, very non-existent, almost. How did
it become so strong? All right, the path, the geometric pattern, again,
just to continue the symbolic analogy, will very often cross itself in its
journey, all right? Whenever it crosses itself, it reinforces the
vibration in a way that with enough crossings becomes perceived by you as
solid material.

All right, now this is what the chart on the far side represents, the
number of crossings in the geometric pattern, equaling the number of
dimensions of reality perceived. Where there are zero crossings, where it
doesn’t cross itself at all, ALL the totality of what is called, in your
universe, of the ten dimensions, is perceivable. When it starts to cross
itself one time and becomes more solid, you perceive less of the totality,
because it becomes more limited, more restricted, more dense. And as it
goes down, and as it crosses itself more and more and more and more and
more times, becoming denser and denser, more material, you perceive less
and less and less. You become more and more strong, more rigidized, and it
closes the picture in a little bit more and more each time.

So by the time this infinite particle has crossed its own path seven times
you get third density reality. This is where you basically are in your
world. Physical, material reality, as you understand it, is the product of
this infinite particle crossing its own path and reinforcing itself
vibrationally seven times.

Q: Where is this?

B: In your physical universe, anything in your world, anything of the
physical universe traveling from your planet to another planet, anything
you call physical materiality at all, is a product of third density reality
and is a product of seven vibrational reinforcements. This is why you
intuitively understand that there are seven levels above you, what you call
seventh heaven. Because you know there are seven levels of rarefaction
above you to go back to the tenth dimension. The connection point of your
physical dimensionality and non-physical dimensionality, your reality
universe to the Infinite starts in the tenth dimension.

Now, as you go into more and more crossings — for you see there are more
crossings available, going from no crossings all the way to ten crossings,
which brings you down to zero dimensionality — when the particle crosses
itself ten times, “rigidation,” absolute “rigidization” takes place. No
dimensions are perceivable and everything is absolute static, stagnant and
un-grown – very dense. You can’t move at all, frozen, rigid, blocked.

Q: Is it a black hole?

B: In a sense, very perceptive, yes, it is.

Q2: What?

B: Black hole.

Q1: Why?

B: Because it is infinite density; but then, as soon as it achieves
infinite density, because it’s infinite it is also the doorway to absolute
infinite openness and it completes the cycle back up to zero. That’s why
black holes are gateways; very perceptive, very perceptive.

Q: How do we digest the feelings?

B: Oh, we’re getting there; we’re getting there. That’s a little further
down the line. First we need to lay the final foundations so that you can
relate to those energy centers. We will explore all the concepts of
healing and other concepts a little bit later. Now, you have heard that
you are in transition from third to fourth density, so on this chart you
can see that what this means is you are becoming more accelerated, you are
becoming more uplifted. What this means is that you are moving into more a
material state that is less dense, which means it crosses itself less

You are going from third to fourth density by going from seven to six
crossings – only. You are losing a crossing and becoming less material,
less solid in that sense; still material to some degree, but less so, less
crossings on the path. Fifth density, the transition point between the
higher and the lower is like a quasi-material, non-material, physical, non-
physical existence. It’s the first level that you truly experience a
difference in a non-physicalized sort of format, it’s what you generally
refer to as the /lower astral/ — still kind of thick and soupy, but not
really as dense as physical materiality.

Q: Is that where you are?

B: We are through the process of, yes, going from fourth to fifth density.

Q: Who is doing this?

B: Our civilization, the Sassani. Sassani is our ancient name, and our
ancient language for ourselves is Sassani. We are, as you are going from,
third to fourth, we are going from fourth to fifth. So, yes, we are now,
in what you might call, a quasi non-physical, physical soupy plasmic
electromagnetheric state, where you can still perceive we are physical
form, but we are a very thin slice, in a sense. Becoming less and less and
less material. Now, this does not mean when we say the words “lower
astral,” what we know some of you associate this with in regard to
individuals who have physically died and gone to the lower astral realm,
where they may in your estimation, quote/unquote, be still experiencing a
kind of a pull to physical materiality for one reason or another. It is
similar, but there are differences in the way we express and experience
that particular bandwidth.

So the experience is not quite the same of the lower astral, for us, as it
is right now for you, because of your ideas of what that is all about and
your relationships and associations in the lower dimensions and densities.
Different things can be experienced in the same bandwidth, depending on
what you bring with you as cognition into that bandwidth. But, yes, very
perceptive, again, we are becoming quasi-physical. We are now occupying,
more often than not, this transition point between upper fourth and lower
fifth density. Above that, what you call sixth density, seven, eight,
nine, ten are all non-physical, as you understand this concept; and are,
again, illustrated by fewer and fewer and fewer crossings on the path.
This is why you are accelerating upward, finding yourself moving at a
higher frequency, in that sense, because you are getting closer and closer
and closer to the /original infinite/ frequency of that initial particle, and
you drop away.

The idea, again, is that this particle is at infinite speeds, everywhere at
once; it is simply, seemingly vibrating all at once, everywhere at once.
Infinite in all directions, in and out, up and down. Your scientists are
beginning to experiment with the concept of superconductivity where
materials transmit energy through them without any resistance at all; the
energy just floats, beaming as you say here and there, almost

There is another indication of this kind of technology in that you are
beginning to get in touch with your understanding that you yourselves are
becoming more superconductive. Allowing energy to flow more quickly, more
freely without having so many blocks, so many impedances, because you are
losing density, losing a crossing. This will come in later to the idea of
healing, because this is how flow occurs from the higher to the lower by
becoming more superconductive.

The idea now, in your science, is superconductors, because the energy flows
in all direction at once. In a superconductor, because it can, because
nothing is stopping it from doing so, it creates a particular kind of field
of energy around it which your scientist have called a Misner field, but
which you, for thousands of years, recognize and call the aura. The aura
is the result of the fact that you are, in a sense, superconductive,
because you can transmit energy in all directions at once. So the field
has a particular directional signal to it. It’s just everywhere. You can
direct this field with your intention, and, again, we will get into that a
little bit later.

Now, this concept of the Prime Radiant and all the different crossings, all
the different levels, the different densifications, is the basic underlying
physiological of the mechanical structure of your dimension of reality,
your universal reality, as you understand it. When you go to the levels
that you would call above that, another octave, so to speak, you are in a
transition state from one universal reality to another universal reality

This is, again, what happens in the black hole, the white hole. It becomes
infinitely dense and then infinitely open, and acts as a transitional
state, in a sense, the eleventh dimensional level of transition from one
universal reality to another. You can use this to tap into alternate or
parallel, past, future, time track realities as well, because they all
still coexist simultaneously. But you have this concept of a particular
kind of frequency barrier that separates and divides all these things,
these parallel tracks, other probable realities, and it is through that
kind of infinite density state that you can access these as well. And we
will relate this to the concept, again, in the moment, of the chakra

Now you can use /this/ to align with these different vibrational levels and
access the transitional level as well, which is call the Oversoul level.
Now, above that, in a sense, just to keep all of this encapsulated in what
you call a nutshell, is the Source, again, Oneness, the All That Is — The
Infinite Itself.

The Chakra systems of your physiological body are energy gates. Each and
every one, in a sense, is like a black hole and a white hole with
everything coming and going. But each has been tuned to a particular
resonant pattern to allow there to be the creation of a manifestation of
different levels, different pitches, a whole chord of experiential reality,
of sensory reality. Again, because of the part without, this pattern
crystallizes itself with physical materiality. You have to have some kind
of a receiving station, an ascending station on every level of that path.
And so you created this concept of this physical body that you have to
contain different stations at different heights that are representative of
accessing symbolically, different frequencies, the different levels, the
different layers, that have been /solidified/ in your physical materiality.
So you are a microcosm in total of the entire macrocosm, in that way, of
all the levels of vibration that it contains.

Now, many of you have begun to understand that there are certainly more of
these energy gates, connected to you, than what is immediately right in
your bodily sphere. There are chakra points below and chakra points above,
so to speak, of your physical material self. They are not outside of your
total self. They are still within different levels of your
electromagnetheric self, and your Higher self, and your Oversoul self. And
again, in the Source, in the Infinite, you also have a connecting point;
shall we call it your home base? All of you have one, because everyone is
of Source, of the Infinite, of the One.

So that, in a sense, that is where the first chakra point exists — your
home base of Source. Then, as it solidifies and it goes down the levels,
it creates the transmission point, the Oversoul chakra point. And from
that layer, from that level, all the parallel time tracks and alternate
probable realities are formed from all the different ways you will express
yourselves, if you choose to, in all the different material reality
dimensions, and non-physical reality universal dimensions that it is
possible to… (tape change)…into all the fingers of the hand. That is
the same idea — that branching, the branching of the trees, the branching
of the river — same idea. You start with the one and start branching out
to more and more and more diversification, differentiation, to experience
all the different reflective patterns of the One seeing Itself.

Now, as you would then move down – we shall, again, just speak symbolically
and colloquially, just for the purpose of making this understandable and
fun. The Oversoul, thus, for each of those particular parallel
experiences, assigns a portion of itself to, shall we say, be an overseer
or a monitor, still in what you might call a less dense level, and this is
called the Higher self, the manager, if you will; on to the physical self,
that it goes down from there, forming the crown chakra, and going on down
from there to form a physical crystallization of the body. But it doesn’t
stop there, it keeps going down and anchors itself to the foundational
vibration, so that you are truly anchored above and below and, in a sense,
suspended in-between these points of Infinity.

Again, infinite openness, infinite density; you are squarely in-between, so
that you are always grounded; yet always connected to the Source. This is
why balance is so important for being able to /express/ any version of
yourself and variation of yourself — you can become less grounded and pull
that charka point back up too close to the body or even inside the body,
and relinquish your connectional foundation to physical materiality, or to
any particular vibratory planet you happen to be living on. That’s why
things get, as you say, get out of whack, and you use the term, literally,
you are ungrounded — it is a literal term.

For if you bring all the chakras points too far down, then you become more
and more densified, more and more materialized; less and less
spiritualized, in that sense, what you call, too materialistic. So the
balance point is of having that chakra extend into the infinity of density
and extend upward into the infinity of openness; it is central, so that
everything is perfectly aligned and representative of the different levels
that exist that have been created in and through that densification. So
that each is representative on its own appropriate level, like an
ambassador, like a focal point, like a funnel, like a channel, like a
tunnel, or a valve for that particular level, so that you can tap into the
appropriate frequency.

All it takes is a focus of intention, clarity and purity of the vibration,
so that everything will find its own resting point, its natural flow. It
will align itself perfectly when you are at a zero rest state within
yourself. Achievable in a variety of ways: one of the most powerful ways
is simply by /breathing/ properly. That’s why there are a lot of yogic
practices on your planet that talk about the /breath of life/, /the breath of/
/fire/ that is the central energy that comes with the breath. It is the
oxygen that is the key to balancing the system, for it is the first
manifestation, the first crystallizational pattern in your particular
physical density. It is the key that unlocks the energy,
electromagnetheric energy, within you.

The oxygen atom is the balance point, it is the octave, and it is the
number eight on your periodic table. It has eight protons, it is the
octave, the resonate vibration that unlocks the key to your connection to
balance, to energization, to access all the different levels appropriately,
properly. So centered breathing, posture alignment and centered breathing,
are one of the first and easy ways to simply let all the chakra systems
find where they belong, and simply float to that position — so that you
are not out of alignment, or out of place, or out of feeling. Then you can
allow energy to flow through you in a variety of ways, and allow your
intention to direct that energy in a variety of ways, for a variety of
purposes, according to whatever your intention so deems is representative
of your balanced signature of truth, at any given moment.

Q: The blueprint that you are laying, is this blueprint for a human being?

B: Generally speaking, it is a template for the Source expressing itself
through what you call physical form. It is, specifically, a template for a
human being right now. Though there are slight variations from species to
species, they will all share generally a /similar/ idea of alignment if they
are in third density reality. Although sometimes-physical form may seem
/very/ different from your own, you will still find that, generally, there is
a corresponding chakra point to that being. Even though they may look
nothing like you, it is represented of accessing the same vibrational level
that you have the capacity to access in your human form. There can be
rearrangements but there will always be the representational chakra points.
Make sense?

Q: Yes.

Q2: Will it be the counting that affects us the most in our breathing out?

B: It will depend on a couple of things, ultimately, not so much, no.
More depends on the manner of the alignment, the manner and depth of the
breathing, the centeredness, it can be of assistance to take in a certain
way, let out, in a certain way, and for some of the general principles,
patterns of emotional containment, emotional repression and suppression
that exist in your society. Sometimes that is the reason why you are
instructed to breathe in a certain way, because then, with regard to
certain emotional issues being, shall we say, being tied up or blocked up,
they can be released more energetically by breathing either quickly,
slowly, out of the mouth, out of the nose, depending on the particular
issue that is being tied up. You understand?

Q: Yes, can you just follow your own feelings about how to follow your

B: You can, because generally your body consciousness knows exactly what
to do. Don’t you find when you are in a certain state you find yourself
breathing in a certain way? In other words, look at it this way, on a very
simplistic level, when you are tense you hardly breathe. When you are
relaxed you take big, deep, healthful breaths.

Now a clue, a clue as to the more appropriate steps that is natural for you
is, when you find yourself sighing, when you have been holding on to
something and you finally let it go and go back to your zero rest point you
go… (he sighs) A lot of your medical practitioners know enough to
recognize that when a patient begins to sigh and release they are finally
being themselves. They are out of practice many times.

Now in some people it can be what you might call also a negative
resignation, but it is also simply resignation, it is a letting go. It is
the opening up, it is the vulnerability, it is, “All right, I’ve been
focusing through one particular avenue for a long time and that one
particular avenue is now filled with pain or all bad energy, the weight of
the world on its shoulder, so, I need some assistance, I need to expand, I
need to open up, I need to let go and go with the flow. Ah, that’s
better.” (He sighs) That’s what the sigh is all about, it is the breath of
life coming back in the heart of resignation, of recognition that you are
connected to more, that more is available, that you are supported by the
totality, and that certain aspects of the personality do not have to
continue to think that they have to do everything all by themselves, that
they were not built to handle it. You have to look at the total system or
you will collapse it and break down. Make sense?

Q: Yes. Thank you. Is there a specific alignment of the chakras?

B: You can recognize in a general way that there are basically twelve
points on the chakra system, as we defined, ten dimensional levels so to
speak, or eleven including zero. You will then find that there is a
transition point above that, and we said it goes from one octave to another
octave, this is, to some degree, a general alignment. But look at it this
way: the idea of what you call, so to speak, your root chakra, you

AUD: Yes.

B: This will generally be aligned with the third density level, so you can
draw some degree of corresponding alignment from that. There will be
fluctuations and there are overlaps, to some degree, these are not
absolutely static levels, but generally speaking, the root chakra is more
or less aligned vibrationally with the third density chakra. That is why
there is this concept of procreation in the manner in which you have it,
that expresses itself when it becomes physically material. Otherwise
procreation takes place at higher levels in very different ways, the
splitting off of the self, so to speak. But the vibrational language as we
have described it, roughly speaking, you can begin there as a rough

Q: So it would be like the belly, four or five up?

B: Yes, because in the belly you start to experience the concept of your
emotionality. And in the fourth density you will be more of a feeling race
rather than that of an analytical one, and on and on, and on up. Does that
help you?

Q: Yes. I’ve been struggling with doing it and feeling the teaching…

B: Yes, as we have said originally, this whole concept of what is
important now is to recognize that one polarity or another may have been
emphasized, and even over emphasized, through different cycles on your
planet. But in this transitional age, now is the time of the blending and
the balancing of ALL those components of polarization, so as to allow
yourself to use that balance by bringing all that back into center and
letting that momentum accelerate you upward. So yes, in that sense, many
numbers of people… now this of course depends on the culture on your
planet, it depends upon the sex of the individual, it depends upon the
upbringing, it depends upon many different belief systems, for there are
individuals that are overly feeling and not, in your terms, logical enough,
and there are people who are overly logical but not feeling enough in that
sense. You understand? But generally, generally, yes. You are coming out
of a cycle of logic and analysis and going back toward incorporating more
of the heart energy and the feeling energy into your overall make up, yes.

This is why there is now on your planet, high, high, high vibratory energy
coming off of that particular geological feature you call Haleakala, on
your Hawaiian island of Maui. For that is the heart chakra of the planet.
And in that will be the balance point of the lower and the upper. This is
also why many modern religions are experiencing difficulties in the heart,
or sensitivities in the heart, some of the electromagnetic changes going
on, some of the stress situations and issues going on your planet. Why
they’re expressed in the heart, and through the heart, and why people are
having heart attacks, more and more, or heart diseases, more and more. You
understand? That is the area that needs the most clearing because that’s
where everything is coming together in balance, in that particular chakra
gate at this point, in your conditional time frame.

Q: Many people are feeling their ancient connection, can you comment on
that feeling…

B: Lemuria, Lemuria. You are going back to the beginning, in that sense,
of the cycle, back to nature, back to a more natural understanding of
yourself, a more intuitive understanding, a knowing understanding of
yourselves, rather than a normal, you are going to more natural than normal

End of first section. Beg. of Meditation…

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