Changing Times – Changing Forms

CE5, Morphing Plasma Forms: – – Some think these are military or prankStar ‘flares’ ?!


I’m sure both sceptics and the UK  military have got better things to do than arrive regularly for 4-5 of our long-term Northern groups  – who met formally at ex-Police officer and experiencer Alan Godfrey’s well attended charity talk  some years back….

*Contact* *Times* – Tree Timing…. (private link for higher resolution version if requested) – Group credits below.

– CE5, Morphing Plasma Forms: – – Some, no direct experience commentators seem to think they’re ok to  definitively claim these are rival UFO nerd and/or military ‘flares’ 😉 ?!

– Low/Basic Quality Example: *Watch at 720 resolution* if on youtube.

Out of fear or some other reason those of us round the planet who are in touch due to experiencing a specific form of ‘light-ship’ anomalous contact are told that we are seeing flares released with perfect timing to levitate, with zero smoke trail for several minutes.

– If interested, Listen to the podcast where this notion was discussed in detail and why many of us can prove this is not the case plus reason why such footage prompts such an immediate and fixed response in a small number of  seasoned scene regulars. It’s a theory that has proven itself on many levels over recent years.

– Not only can many of us who have documented interaction with intelligent craft demonstrate that what sometimes appear as common planes are sometimes using that as a cover or cloaking system – we can also demonstrate star like illuminations in response to group or individual requests.
In this footage – we found the object in ‘star-craft’ illuminated form – behind a nearby tree – which, once it has been registered, moves slowly towards a hill ridge and morphs into a fully silent “flat” craft footage with strobing lights.

– We call this the ‘line-craft’ – note it does not adhere to basic *laws of optics* as we have long ‘motion’ lighting strips but simultaneously the camera records a none-blurring round light(s) or orbs. The two should not be possible when recorded under current, terrestrial camera technology.

Footage after bizarre sequence of events subsequent to usual pub meet-up, resulting in pulled-over car between Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, West Yorks.
- S/ware editing and N/vision footage - David G, cheap, last-minute camcorder footage: Anna M., phone cam back-up by Paul H..
I.C.A.N. network comprises of small groups who share footage which has SOME aspect of the Hynek "CE5" interaction/description.

Youtube Version -  backup.


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