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Dreaming Saucers – UK Event

Evolving Times – If you look at one or two of the recent posts on this  page/site –  you’ll see one podcast with a certain US host I’ve known for circa 20 years which, amongst to morass of ‘clickbate’ or just downright poor/desperate internet radio ‘shows’ on the wider issues we’ve covered since 2003 [the start of the UFOlogy re-booting …

CT AdminsDreaming Saucers – UK Event
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Space Treaty and Weaponisation

This site is a compact and more directed version of a 15 year Exopolitics national site – run as part of the US based Exopolitics Institute and Paradigm Research Group. Although Exopolitics carried out a much needed revamping of a stale 1980s/90s UFOlogy, achieved 23 national groups globally and beat ALL New Age/UFO type events in size in Spain in …

CT AdminsSpace Treaty and Weaponisation