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Evolving Times – If you look at one or two of the recent posts on this  page/site –  you’ll see one podcast with a certain US host I’ve known for circa 20 years which, amongst to morass of ‘clickbate’ or just downright poor/desperate internet radio ‘shows’ on the wider issues we’ve covered since 2003 [the start of the UFOlogy re-booting Exopolitics era] – a choice that is made with purpose and to support the ‘meta’ aims of where this area desperately needs to head.  This is not the direction it used during the chaotic the onset of social media/Youtube for in the mid 2000s onwards. Something went wrong.  Now Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are banning.  and/or de-monetising accounts with certain content said to be ‘political’ in a sense they don’t like –  yet  the number one rated topic agreed upon from 1947 onwards for disinformation was and REMAINS the issue of intelligent contact and the waterfall effects of this on our planetary energy forms and consciousness itself;f.

So what’s going on here…?  Why ban a mild political Twitter account post but not  any of the vast glut of “Top Secret” and “Religious destablizing” outputs of information??!  Well this is exactly the area under discussion and change at the moment. Some of my contact talks/conference presentations  touch on these factors… but more detailed publications of media are on their way soon.  The Carol Rosin and Stephen Greer 2 x 2 hour chats are a wide, unbrealla starting point…  let’s hope the event bravely being organised by Ben from Oxford UK is also the start of a cpurse in a similar direction.

So the discussion was between Dr Carol Rosin and Dr Steven Greer –  from early 2018.  Some of the issues I highlighted to Carol inprivate were in fact then eruditely  brought up in those two American Freedom Radio chats…  and these areas needed the light of day…   bringing us out of a binary EITHER/OR discussion to a more logical [accounting for what we call High-Strangeness]  AND/OR or AND/AND approach to the topic.  In this case it was reliance on documents and physical evidence –  when in fact there’s a whole layer that has been avoided by many we’d maybe collectively previously  granted with open and sharp analytical abilities.

Anyway –  although, under the Exopolitics Conference banner,  myself and Anthony Beckett did the first full conference on ‘Contact’ with higher intelligence agents and what we can learn from such sightings and/or interactions circa 2010 –  at last we  have another brave attempt at a full event with this aspect at its centre.

Please  listen to the audio release or video-podcast I’ll do on what’s discussed in brief above –  to see if people who have  had a bumpy ride through the confusion and mis-leading bowels of UK and global ‘UFOlogy’ and found themselves with a similar conclusion to myself and a handful of others.**

NB: And yes –  we know it’s a minority as  we have a confidential list of so called major names in the  longer term UFO arena who either see this move as incompatible with their take on the area, or see it as a threat or perhaps are simply scared of  the latter stages [inevitable stages] of what we’re trying to amplify and why it is  perhaps THE main end-point for successful results in saving this planet from getting a Cosmic ‘F’ Grade as we’re heading towards faster than ever right now.


See below for more on Oxford Event:

Tickets for the upcoming Dreaming Saucers conference can now be purchased in advance. Saturday and Sunday single-day tickets are both £20 each and all-weekend tickets are £30.

Simply email me at [email protected] and I’ll give you instructions on how to buy them.

Tickets will be available on the door unless the event sells out and I’ll make a warning announcement beforehand if that becomes likely.

Oxford - Dreaming Saucers

Oxford – Dreaming Saucers

See here for more information: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/dreaming-saucers-poster-1.html.

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