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Another Attempt at Cracking the Repression

After many recent attempts stemming from ‘Project Starlight’ and the 2001 ‘Disclosure Project’ –  the latter of which had a huge impact on the issue of contacting extraterrestrial intelligence[s], Dr Steven Greer launches what appears to be a hybrid approach of personal [CE5] contact at grass-roots with more official big “D” Disclosure tactics.  This includes the release of ‘over unity’ …

p jAnother Attempt at Cracking the Repression
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Origin of contemporary CE5 Protocols

Dr Steven Greer – founder of CSETI explains his personal early experiences with intelligent craft and ETs – leading on to the formation of a 5th strata of the late J. Allen Hynek scale of contact [ie: Close Encounters of the 3rd kind etc]. We have revised and simplified the CSETI type approach over the years and discussions on this …

CT AdminsOrigin of contemporary CE5 Protocols
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The Crossing Point – Scientism and Official ‘Discovery’ of Visiting Intelligences

Experience and observation combined with insight often yield a new breakthrough into truth and the nature of reality. Science (and the pursuit of truth in general) is a coordinated blending of empirical observation with knowledge, intellect, insight and often inspiration. And just as it is true that no problem can be solved from the level of consciousness which created it, …

CT AdminsThe Crossing Point – Scientism and Official ‘Discovery’ of Visiting Intelligences