“About time we inhabited an era that didn’t have to write “about” pages on what, by now, should be a sphere embraced by a core of our terrestrially-bound species…”
Timothy Leary – Personal Communication – 1998

At a basic level, this new site is a take on merging exopolitics with Contact V2.0 –  less focus on using  certain previously relied on methods and mediums for results – because after 23 years at this area – many of us know this complex field is purposely misinformed, compartmentalised and essentially [yes – even with the so called ‘grass roots’ interweb] warped in a set direction.
So 2000 docs and media items are archived from the 15 year running of www.exopolitics.org.uk and the aim is to move the best of these into the new site/context.
Over recent times – i personally have reduced social media use – but I can pass themed enquiries onto a small, trusted network of people I know around the planET – or maybe can co-ordinate ideas direct with people that think a certain way.

Preferably :
– No old-skool UFO types please – unless officially repented.
– No ‘love n light’ looping mind-sets –  not being intolerant,  but less chat – more cosmic hum if possible?

The collective and personal material that influences this site and wider goals [influenced by many others – current and before this site was launched after Exo UK] is out there if you want my stance or to get in touch..

See you in time,

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  1. Greg Carlwood

    Hey there,
    My name is Greg Carlwood. I am the founder and host of The Higherside Chats podcast. I’d love to have you as a guest on the show in the coming weeks to help in promoting your work, if you’re interested.

    If you’re unfamiliar with us, THC is an interview based show that explores a vast spectrum of alternative topics and guests. We are one of the leading podcasts in this space, with a loyal following well into the 6 figure range, with subscribers in over 50 countries. I know there are a lot of shows out there now, so let me give you some cliff notes about ours.

    Some of our major accomplishments have been:

    * Routinely ranking in the top 10 shows in the “Entertainment” category as well as the overall top 150 shows out of 20,000+ on Stitcher Smart Radio, the #1 podcast app for smart phones/tablets.
    * The only nomination in the country for a “conspiracy/paranormal” show in the 2014 People’s Choice Podcast Awards.
    * The only nomination for a “conspiracy/paranormal” show in the 2015 Stitcher Podcast Awards
    * Over 60,000+ Twitter followers.
    * Inclusion on several of the largest Internet radio networks including RadioFubar, Internet Freedom Radio, and Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network

    If you’d like to look deeper our website is : http://thehighersidechats.com/ and our twitter can be found at: https://twitter.com/HighersideChats

    The show is pre-recorded via Skype or phone, so I can accommodate almost any schedule with enough notice. We operate under a popularized, commercial free, two hour format where the first hour is public and the second is reserved for our paid subscribers. I aim for the extra attention to detail, quality, and production to make that compromise worth it for potential guests.

    Please let me know if you might be interested.

    Thanks so much,

  2. davID


    Author: davID griffin – Plus many more agents that directly or indirectly interface with our ‘activities’ and boot-strapping of thoughts ‘n’ ideas.
    Cheers…. Y’know…
    Not all is it appears. Especially when you allow reality to be run by collective fears.

    Part of Exopolitics community via Exo UK site since 2004 working with a wide range of new national reps around the planet following the publication of ‘Exopolitics’ By Dr Alfred Webre and the formation of the Exopolitics institute by Dr Michael Salla. This had the core aim of updating the strange shifts that some of us saw first hand in the UK after the death of UFO Magazine editor Graham Birdsall – who also managed to regularly attract 500+ attendees to events at Leeds University etc before his untimely death and the end of an era.

    Looking back fomr 2017 – Exopolitics globally succeeded in its core goals, established by a small group of us circa 2005… including Steve BassEt of the Paradigm Research Group. this goal to a large degree – even having a record-breaking 1400 attendees at our Exopolitics Europe Conference in Sitges, Portugal in 2010. 1990s style UFOlogy.

    However – as interviews and conference presentations over a decade or more demonstrate – the tightly-networked but novelty-seeking UK groups have always synthesized areas with novel themes or contradictory ones – which can make you unpopular [easy with some of the insecure personalities this area seems to attract?!] but we’ve found over 23 years it keeps enquiry organic and effective.

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