Most people have seen the Spielberg epic ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind‘ which, along with ‘ET‘, were the vastly popular box office hits created in an era before something happened in Hollywood and film narratives took a reverse-turn resulting in a glut of over-simplistic, “kick ET butt” style movies like Independence Day or the more recent abomination Battleship. Yup – it seems someone wasn’t happy with films suggesting that exploring the possibility that engaging with visiting intelligences might be a useful avenue – instead any humanoid form that entered our atmosphere without a driving license or Mastercard failed the terrestrial credit check and should be deemed as having nefarious intent.

No more phoning home or landing craft and playing “do bee dooo dah duhhm”… just don’t bother coming here in the first place.

Essentially a guy called J Allen Hynek created 4 types of contact – as the experience of different forms of contact expanded in the post-war era, C.E.5 was added as a natural growth to this system. The 5th component of contact is however fundamentally different. Instead of “us” experiencing some form of communication with “them” – we now use this term as meaning human initiated contact. More simply we could suggest that this is the next stage in communication with visiting intelligences as we are indicating to them that as a species –  we are now at the stage where we chose greater interaction.

Some suggest this is risky or just plain absurd –  but this is simply how things are done when a planet reaches a certain point in its evolution – a “meta” view of the rise and fall of civilisations makes this pretty clear. A lot has been written and discussed about CE5 and the various approaches to it –  but far less is know about the actual practice and experience of purposeful interaction.  However, groups all over the world have been doing this for some time and as our terrestrial world continues to fight over resources, power and morals – the notion of global extinction is profoundly real. We’re not absolving responsibility here – we’re following the natural process of things by requesting individual and planetary assistance to take us through a ‘birthing’ era that perhaps some of these ET groups are well versed in –  having seen it many times in different regions of our cosmos.

The video still below shows CE5 in action.  It’s only true, direct experience of this phenomena that will open your mind to such a possibility.

99% of the population have no interest in such an experience… so you’re reading this now, ask yourself if you are part of the 1%?

Live Interaction with Morphing Objects – Stage #5 in the Hynek Contact Scale

To encourage contact, many methods or devices can be tried and tested –  with the results speaking for themselves. The above video used a ‘plasma’ G.E.M. Sphere [specially blown sphere with sealed in plasma matter –  or ForMatta as we call it] to initiate interaction. In many circles it is now thought that plasma [4th state of matter] is at the core of many UFO craft appearances and intelligent communication.

This sphere was used on the evening above and is based on Tesla technology via Judy Beebe in the USA.  There is proven scalar physics behind the sphere based on  soon to be known qualities of hydrogen. Judy’s books and interviews go into detail on this further.

Note that our network had achieved 3-4 years of  interaction with these anomalous forms before using anything as exotic as the plasma sphere. This is meant to be just an example of other things you can try on top of finding locations, using meditation techniques etc – essentially anything that forms a protocol which takes your group beyond passive ‘skywatching’.  From experience it seems that these intelligences wait for coherent requests for interaction before much beyond a brief sighting will occur.

Note the mention of “vortex moments” and “high strangeness episodes”…   this is a key part of the move from passive to interactive contact and has been discussed in previous and forthcoming podcasts.

Close Encounters in Reality – Notice the use of sound, light [from the craft] and hand gestures in the classic out-take at the start of this page. It seems that contact has moved on from what we experienced in the post WW2 era –  to now help us learn a new symbolic system of communication and understanding. This involves a merging of stimuli to  produce a ‘higher bandwidth’ medium  via which future communication will become second nature to those terrestrial humans who pursue it.  This topic is too vast to type out in an article.  No current linear methods are sufficient to grasp what we need to know to move to the next stage of evolution.  Aspects of this have been covered in talks by David Griffin at conferences in the last few years and can be found online or in promoter DVD sets.

Craft demonstrating direct interaction… complete with bizarre ‘hat’ or pod above it which moves in perfect synchronisation

CT AdminsContact 2.0 – What is C.E.5 or Interactive Contact?


  1. Melinda Norris

    Hi. I would really like to be part of a group involved in CE5 and wondered how I could go about doing this.

    Many thanks

    1. Author

      Send us a mail or PM with your region in UK/Europe.
      From small networks of ppl in Britain or further afield, it should be possible to hook you up with one or more people.
      Failing this – David Griffin and others from the UK have done pod-casts and conference talks that mention main protocol points and pre-requisites for interactive contact.

  2. Tony Wellings

    Hi I am the London area and would also be interested in participating in a ce5 event- how do I send a pm or email?

  3. Author
    Contact News Admins

    Hi Tony….
    Back in 2012-14 we had an ICAN [Interactive Contact] group on Facebook – via this we hooked up a fair few ppl to others of similar minds in their area..
    plus – if needed – there can be further discussion on how to amplify the potential for some sort of contact… researching areas etc.
    Since then – the group slowed as I reduced time spent on all social media… but contact one of us on ICAN group or myself direct if wish.

  4. Niki

    Hey when can you come to Belgium to try this? Also wondered if there was a group in France?

    1. david griffin

      Hi Nick-*

      Can we talk on SKYPE at some point re this?
      Future articles, interviews and podcasts sould add more light on this area soon. Sufice to say it’s not the easiest thing to set-up and needs mor than one day/night to increase results possibility.
      See temp home page: and media embedded there for a few pointers.
      Hope all good over there. Looks like you’re a perm resident there now??
      See you in time,

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