‘Amplifying Contact with Visiting Intelligences’ – St Annes, Lancs.

MONDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2014 – Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

ContactiVism: The Changing Nature of Contact and De-Mystifying the CE5 Process

David Griffin, renowned expert in exopolitics, in association with Natasha Acimovic, will explore how individuals can make ET contact:

For sixty years, we’ve been told that ET visitation to this planet is either delusional or, in reality, sightings of covert, experimental aircraft. In this presentation, supported by rarely-seen media, we will examine why this approach has shifted on many levels: it seems we’re now at an apex point regarding the whole ET-Contact phenomena.

Part of this process involves the inability of “above government” groups and mainstream media to stop what is, essentially, the final point in the evolution of our species.

The other component is that the form and nature of contact itself is changing from the ‘space brothers’ era of the 50’s and 60’s to a more complex, direct method. This has been facilitated by cheaper hi-tech equipment such as military Night Vision and thermal imaging. In addition, the internet has allowed high quality sightings and experiences to be seen by millions within a few hours of it taking place.

Around the planet, small groups have been operating using CE5 techniques [i.e. human-initiated contact techniques] and have seen significant results as far as interaction with these intelligent objects. A UK CE5 network has recently been established to create small local groups to obtain their own results. This is one of the core aims of what has been termed ‘contactivism’: unmediated communication with intelligent entities which, thereby, empowers individuals, as we’re all capable of such contact given the right conditions.

David Griffin established the first national exopolitics network site outside of the US in 2005 and has worked to expand the core aspects of what ‘exopolitics’ is. He was a long-term campaigner for hacktivist Gary McKinnon since his arrest in 2002 and visited MPs in the House of Commons to highlight his plight. David has helped organise and has spoken regularly at the annual UK Exopolitics conferences and, in 2010, addressed a European event of 1400 attendees in Spain. Whilst still supporting the basic goals of Disclosure, he has always seen the ET contact element of the issue as the least promoted and yet most useful in moving this vital topic into wider consciousness.

Natasha Acimovic is a college lecturer with a long-term interest in the various phenomena involved in ‘alien’ contact. She is part of a small West Yorkshire group who have used the last few years to experiment with and enhance CE5 type practices. She has significant skills with regards video and stills recording of these elusive phenomena alongside the development of ‘best practice’ methodologies for attraction and interaction with what we commonly term UFOs.

admin‘Amplifying Contact with Visiting Intelligences’ – St Annes, Lancs.

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