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Audio Interview – World War 2 and UFOs – Re-Writing Timelines in Exopolitics

Book with two well known editors attempts to re-write UFO history…?

Notes: I always had a feeling World War 1 and WW2 had a hidden element of power-grabs over the development of advanced tech/craft dating back to the pre WW1 era. This view  was further enforced after several years quietly working with an authentic contactee from New Zealand and a tight, core online forum dealing with topic areas rarely floated in the echo-chamber confusion of the Web.

However this testimony seems authentic from the point of view of Bill Tompkins –  but based on many years of widely reading and researching both political and personal interfaces with true, intelligent phenomena of some form –  given we have a good account by now how post war UFOlogical developments have gone down. – for  some of us – several major aspects call into question the overall aim of publishing such an account at this moment in  time. Perhaps more will be discussed as and when it’s seen as needed.

The Germans were way ahead in science and tech and became a target for other world powers such as Britain, with its empire fixation and financial domination, resulting in both the harsh Versailles Treaty  after WW1 and the total annihilation of German culture post WW2. Even Churchill in his memoirs would later admit that the goal of WW2 was to fully destroy Germany and its population – not the often touted reasons we were fed by mainstream historians since.

There’s now 6 hours of  interviews on Rense Radio with the author and others [Nick Redfern bizarrely is associate editor as is Dr Robert Wood] and as amazing as the story and claims are [and i’ve bought the book] –  there’s some other agenda at play with the wider aims of the narrative being claimed as historical fact here. The issues are too long to type out in text but a podcast may be produced in coming weeks detailing what may be going on here and why two prominent and respected UFO researchers have given their name to this account which, despite enthralling nuggets, has a huge number of holes in its logic.  Problem is –  you need to be pretty aware of UFOlogical/exopolitical history to see how the context being offered in the “Selected by…” book is problematic.

Don’t know if I buy the Apollo moon missions in tin cans still given what they suggest about what we had in action in the 1950s –  4km anti-gravity craft….!

Thanks to Rense Radio for these two initial interview files.

Part 1 -Dr. Robert Wood & William Tompkins  –  Rense Radio

Part 2 –  Dr. Robert Wood & William Tompkins   – Rense Radio


Dual Guests Dr. Robert Wood & William Tompkins (see details below)
Tompkins – My Life In The Top Secret World of UFO’s . .

Many astonishing stories & experiences to be shared with the public.

William Mills Tompkins has led a remarkable life so far, and this autobiographical book tells how he believes he was selected by Nordic extraterrestrials in 1942. Assigned by the Navy to Intelligence because of his remarkable memory skills, Bill was exposed immediately to the Navy’s knowledge of Hitler’s UFO program. After the war he began working in a Think Tank at Douglas Aircraft Company for aerospace executive Elmer Wheaton and with Naval Intelligence to offer creative suggestions and designs for huge Naval spacecraft carriers. The authenticity of part of the story is corroborated by Editor Wood, who was employed at the same facility at the same time and knew some of the same company leaders. The cute Nordic secretaries Bill was given may have used their psychic powers to keep NASA on the right track for an effective Apollo program, and to begin the covert Naval exploration of the galaxy.


Testimonial by Author:

Early in 2001 I called on Admiral Hugh Webster, Navy League Corporate Director, Washington DC and San Diego CA.

We had a five hour meeting on my ongoing book – writing concerning the extraterrestrial threats to our planet.

After Admiral Webster read portions of my document and backup technical documentation, I asked Hugh, “How much of this can I include it a published book?” He said. “Bill; TELL IT ALL. This is most important to our country. Don’t leave anything out.”

Dr. Robert Wood: Aerospace Engineer Veteran Blows The Whistle On UFOs

This is an interesting testimony in my opinion as it seems Dr. Wood is extremely cautious in what he says and how he says it. A corporation like McDonnell Douglas having programs like this is alarming enough, they must be extremely top secret. I’m sure Dr. Wood knows much more than what he states. I find it interesting how he makes it clear that his belief in UFOs comes from himself, and does not link that part to his work within the industry. His story also corroborates to many others stories from military personnel that confirm the reality of back-engineering extraterrestrial crafts to figure out how they work.

Official documents released by dozens of governments and three letter agencies, like the NSA, already admit to having programs that study the UFO phenomenon (you can view in the later part of this article). Hiring private contractors to help them investigate it makes sense, doesn’t it? Governments that hire private contractors have no oversight from congress, they can basically do whatever they want.

We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do. We have the technology to take ET home. – Ben Rich, former Director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works from 1975-1991

Selected by Extraterrestrials : Mr. Tompkins has extensive experience in advanced space research relating to spacecraft and space missions. It includes four years in naval intelligence studying extraterrestrial threats, twelve years as engineering section chief at the Douglas Missile and Space Division, four years as corporate director of North American Advanced Space Research, founder and chairman of the Advanced Space Concept Staff at the think tank within the TRW Space Systems, four years as program director of the 2020 advanced Anti-Sub Warfare program and was a member of the corporate headquarters Red Team at General Dynamics Corporation. This experience has led to his membership in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and he has done extensive research into extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects.

He is preparing a six-volume autobiographical study on the subject to be released soon to be entitled Selected by Extraterrestrials. He states that our planet has been a battleground for warring extraterrestrial cultures for thousands of years. The result has been wars, destruction and attempts to hinder progress by some but also recently a great spike in technical innovation due to help from others. He believes that perhaps he and many other uniquely talented people, some of whom are probably represented in this museum, have been gifted with skills that more closely reflect what human intelligence is capable of when not held back by outside forces.

Regardless of your opinion of the UFO phenomenon, Mr. Tompkins has taken on this subject with the same energy and detail he put into building his fleet of model ships, so this highly technical document should make for a very interesting read. His second book relates to experience at TRW and other top level think tanks. Called Others in the Secret Think Tank, it is due for release in May, 2014.

Bill has also spent 47 years in the Navy League of California and was founding chairman and president of the Southern Oregon Navy League Council as well as State vice president of the Oregon Navy League of the United States.


Video Interview on Another Angle on the Post WW2 – Nazi, ET, Falklands, Antarctic – Hidden History


Related audio interview from 2012 from archive of Exopolitcs UK site:



CT AdminsAudio Interview – World War 2 and UFOs – Re-Writing Timelines in Exopolitics


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