Contact with many forms of intelligence is shifting at an ever increasing rate.

“The Arrival” of Far More Than We Think Possible and Perhaps Even Imagine in Human Terms

ARRIVAL of the Exoconscious: Departure of Government Disclosure.

We become members of a cosmic community and learn to work in harmony with other beings, some UNLIKE ourselves“.

Mission Statement of the Institute for Exoconsciousness
Author: Rebecca Hardcastle

I saw the film ARRIVAL through Exoconscious Eyes, as an ET Experiencer and a professional in the field of Ufology.  The Hollywood-crafted scenes, story, and characters stirred a wide array of responses, but primarily strengthened my commitment to ET Experiencers as the primary Disclosure source.Rorschach Babel Moment – Louise, a professorial linguist, is the hero of the film. She comes equipped with all the accouterments: deceased child, lonely woman, respected university professor with top secret clearance, and an unconscious psychic ability. Louise doesn’t know the first thing about ETs or UFOs, but that doesn’t seem to matter. So, off she goes with bumbling, tech-geared military-intelligence to meet the “aliens”.  Louise’s term, not mine.

When Louise meets the “aliens” her vocabulary and expertise fall silent. She is face to face with two ginormous (Hollywood moved beyond the small gray fear factor) primordial, octopus-like, intelligent beings. Talk about having to let go of conditioned images of who looks smart and who doesn’t. Louise terms the beings Heptapods, but they are simply huge ink fish, known to fishermen by their ability to squirt ink.  Heptapods squirting created great film visuals.


We witness a series of Rorschach inkblots that Louise and her sidekick, a theoretical physicist named Ian, deconstruct with computers and math. Note the advertisement for STEM education—all you kids in the audience need one. Suddenly, voila, Louise and Ian communicate with the “aliens” via a computer tablet. Message: Every child needs a tablet to talk to ET.

Tablet or Telepathy? – Except, ET Communication does not work with a tablet. Tablets build towers of languages. And towers, Jenga-style, inevitably fall. Exoconscious ET Communication works via human to ET telepathy. Communication operates in a field of consciousness shared by ET and Human.  To enter this field, you develop conscious abilities that technology will never provide. Machines will not master ET. Google can accumulate all the languages on Earth, but sadly, their app will not connect you to ET.

Telepathy and Consciousness Science  – Exoconscious ET Communication is human to ET telepathy. Before you shrug off telepathy as unscientific, note that IONS Institute’s Dean Radin declared that human to human telepathy was scientifically proven. He cited 30 years of Ganzfield studies with nearly a 33% hit rate as scientifically significant. Hopefully, the ET-Human telepathy studies will soon commence and not take 30 years for public proof.

Note: See the online conference topics exploring these areas and more such as “Saucer School – Visual Language, Psychedelics and ET” by David Griffin from the UK Exopolitics community.

However, if we listen to Louise’s dialogue, we pick up an intriguing research idea. If language forms specific, identifiable neural networks—then why not scientifically study the neural networks of Exoconscious humans who telepathically communicate with ET.  There are millions of us roaming the Earth. We are relatively easy to temporarily corral into a study. Telepathy is language that can be researched and verified. My guess is that telepathy travels through and beyond our linguistic neural network. It’s the beyond component that’s tricky. Alongside telepathy research, ET Experiencers need to develop a new vocabulary. For now, humans talk to one another.

Exoconsciousness is the WORD – Recently, I was introduced at a film festival in Alexandria, VA, showcasing Jennifer Stein’s film, TRAVIS. The MC introduced me as the Founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness and noted that she learned a new word, Exoconsciousness.

Exoconsciousness is the study of the Extraterrestrial origins, dimensions, and abilities of human consciousness. The Institute for Exoconsciousness advances the innate abilities of all humans to connect and communicate with ET.  We call ourselves Exoconscious Humans. Like Louise, we hold a sign inscribed with Exoconscious Human to define ourselves. We gather in a growing world-wide network of ET Experiencer groups supported and nurtured by members of the Institute for Exoconsciousness. We Exoconscious Humans share ET experiences with one another and we read Ufology, voraciously.

BIRD is the WORD – If you read Ufology, then watching ARRIVAL, you smile at the chosen landing site of the Heptapods’ craft—Montana— and then laugh with delight at the bird in the cage, set down to signal oxygen depletion.  Montana Bird.



Ufologist and scientist, Dr. Joan Bird, is a resident of Montana. Her book, Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Extraordinary stories of documented sightings and encounters, details her state’s historical UFO activity, including an ICBM shutdown. The final chapters examine ET Experiencers Leo Dworshak and Udo Wartena’s credible contact.

But, there’s more.

Roswell’s Jessie Marcel in Montana – Physician, Richard O’Connor, founded the Jessie A. Marcel Library in Helena, Montana. Jessie Marcel was the former Montana Surgeon General and grandson of Jessie A. Marcel, SR, who personally recovered debris craft from the Roswell, New Mexico, crash. Dr. O’Connor’s library is a gathering place for citizens who believe that “We each have a right to know if mankind is experiencing contact with intelligent beings who do not originate from Earth.” US Army Air Force Nurse, Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, who was stationed at Roswell, claimed to have communicated with the Roswell Extraterrestrial. MacElroy was later stationed at Glasgow Air Force Base, (SAC) in Montana. Interesting Roswell-Montana links.   jessie-marcel-library

Our Own POD – Joining  the Institute, Joan Bird, and Richard O’Connor is Carol Druehl, who founded the Institute for Human Cosmic Interaction  (IHCI)group.  Carol’s group calls themselves a pod, like the Heptapods.  As a Pod of ET Experiencers, IHCI provides new approaches to address an ancient relationship: human contact with off-world entities.

Some ETs are like US and Some are NOT – As Exoconscious Humans, we are familiar with a vast array of ET intelligent beings. Some are like us and some are not like us. Some are humanoid and some are insectoid, reptilian, hybrid creatures, or gargantuan, like the Heptapods. We are accustomed to a wide spectrum of diversity, including the invisible, as some ETs are energy without physical manifestation. We Exoconscious Humans learn to exercise our multi-dimensional consciousness and hold each species with respect, communicating telepathically, and connecting inter-dimensionally.  Humans are slowly adapting to holding a multi-dimensional consciousness without judgement or rancor. But, initially, adapting to multi-dimensional consciousness is challenging.

And yet, holding a multi-dimensional ET consciousness eases by integrating personal ET Experience and listening with respect to others in our community who bring us information we might initially disregard or dismiss. Through shared information we trust, respect, and open.

Montana and Movie Myths and Facts – In the film, ARRIVAL, 12 Heptapods monolithic space craft hover above select regions of the Earth. The plot weaves through the international political aspect of a multi-national Disclosure EVENT!

World political leaders and radio talk show hosts add chaotic color to the desire for a controlled world-wide military-intelligence operation. The film portrays the world leaders and their respective military-intelligence as clumsy, ignorant, fearful and fraught with foolishness. Apparently, they have no protocol or plans for ET Disclosure. Really? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Here are the facts: After dominating ET and UFO information for 70 years the world’s government, military, and intelligence agencies developed top secret protocol manuals, carried out exercises, and analyzed computer algorithms to assure a successful world-wide disclosure event–either fake or real.

The problem is—ETs don’t cooperate with governments centralized power and technology spun Disclosure. So, year after year, the chance for a centralized ET landing EVENT diminishes. By now, citizens figure out that, obviously, ET has other plans for Disclosure. It will not be Hollywood scripted. Instead, ET Exoconsciousness is a slow, organic, grass-roots spread of ET experiencing that through maturity and integration creates Exoconscious Humans. In the meantime, we Exoconscious sit in the dark theater, munch our popcorn, and smile at the ARRIVAL scripted military-intelligence-government antics that remain blind to the Exoconscious ET Experiencer. It’s a movie and Hollywood-government-intel’s movie myth making is increasingly irrelevant. It belongs on a computer tablet, not an Exoconscious human life and community.

Exoconscious Humans know that WE are the center of Disclosure. Our lives and our experience is confirmation that the ET Presence is Peaceful. That’s why WE, the Peacemakers, were chosen for contact.


Main Text Credits –  Rebecca Hardcastle – –  Visit for an alternative to the now diluted forms of ‘contact’ as contact data has shifted context in the last 60 years.

Paul J“The Arrival” of Far More Than We Think Possible and Perhaps Even Imagine in Human Terms

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