Co-Evolution Update – The Contact Account Designed for the 21st Century – Nexus 2016 Event

Alec Newald’s astonishing mini-update to Co-evolution @ Nexus 2016 is part of this series of talks which David Griffin also did a separate ‘wrap around’ context or intro, along with Duncan Roads, Editor of Nexus Magazine.
Alec had to appear via remote conferencing last minute  –  due to Visa hassle after landing in Brisbane. He deserves extra credit for  making it back to provide us with the excellent ‘Stage #3’ version of his account under such circumstances.


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The 23 second out-take from my background to the Falklands, Marconi, ‘Black Goo’ prior to Alec’s update [along with Duncan adding some of the tangents from the last 5 years work] makes more sense of course as part of the longer presentation.

Essentially it was making the point that the fear the deeper, authentic aspects of interfacing with visiting/higher intelligence forms creates in us as a species and individuals – the option of NOT pursuing this evolutionary avenue is in fact far more severe.
And as Steve Bassett has always said when he makes ‘big D’ Disclosure a metaphor like a growing tumour… the longer we try and ignore it – the harder the “treatment” may be when we are ultimately forced to or hopefully decide to embrace it.


Watch the 2016 NEXUS Conference hosted by Duncan Roads.

This year’s conference included information and analysis on subjects such as:

missing persons conspiracy—the cover-up of numbers and causes;
secret space civilisations—are we alone?;
giants—the historical suppression of reports and evidence;
artificial intelligence and “black goo”—terraforming or terrifying?;
breakthrough on scalar energy and electromagnetic protection;
gut health—new research and new cures for disease;
the afterlife, interdimensional existences and alternate realities;
medicinal cannabis in Australia—coming soon;
DNA activation as a way of accelerating our evolution and awakening;
Indonesian ancient mystery sites that defy mainstream theory;
UFOs and disinformation; and
covert operations of the medical dictatorship.

CT AdminsCo-Evolution Update – The Contact Account Designed for the 21st Century – Nexus 2016 Event

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