Contact is About Us – Not ‘aliens’, Governments or the Latest Youtube UFO Video

It’s a part of the human condition to think we have the right to judge other peoples’ point of view or predicament in life…. in my experience we all think we ‘know’ what other realities are like based
on abstract themes we’ve been taught since kids, insecure arrogance or simple ‘logical’ assumption that we “know better”.

This is the same reality bubble that allows politicians to think they can morally declare war on the likes of Serbia, Iraq, Libya and Syria.  I’m sure most of us have noticed that those who shout loudest for war or welfare/charity spending cuts are usually those who are furthest from any DIRECT exposure to those very issues.

At least back in his era – the likes of Smedley Butler were valued due to the now faded belief that those with direct experience of an event were maybe the best to have the final say on decisions that may otherwise cost millions of lives and make a tiny percent far wealthier.

Where do you think the billions from selling narcotics each year goes to?  It’s too much to buy yet another posh house for those at the unseen head of the hydra…. besides –  material power is for idiots in “their” eyes. It’s what’s called, in an occult sense, profane –  but they make us think that’s the goal.  Thus we see all this naff Hollywood and rap music movement where their main players make Illuminati hand-signal symbols whilst surrounded by gaudy million $$ fur outfits and tripping round in private jets. Meantime – the under-the-radar “funding” of the ‘above government’, breakaway groups – goes to a pool of structured R&D research on Sci-Fi gadgets most of us can’t even begin imagine the sheer scale of.

As part of any national or planETary constitution –  it seems a basic point to me that if you are acting on behalf of the rest of us regarding a vote for war – you should fulfil any of the following points:

1. Be given a role on the front-line yourself
2. Have previously seen combat first hand.
3. Are prepared to name a direct relative, such as a son or daughter, who will join the very war you are supporting in the US Senate or UK House of Commons.

…this is just common sense from where i stand –  but the reverse has been the trend  in the last decade with the likes of the Bush, Clinton, Blair and Cameron clans.   Simultaneously at population
level –  the web and social media seem to make  a lot of us think we can declare moral and academic-style positions on things we’ve never truly ‘felt’ beyond what arrives on our laptop screen or IPad.

Asymmetrical Perception:
Recent but rare UK TV programs like this tend to make my point… or Posh and Homeless

Et contact awareness is no different to any other area we’ve been taught to think we have fully grasped without directly facing that issue with mediation removed…

If you think these areas are un-related, you’re missing the basic point. ‘Til we get the core human values back on track – claiming we’re currently manning a space fleet round the solar system or about to have advanced intelligences whisk us off-planET to a saviour Shangri-La is laughable. The right to be informed of the reality of visiting intelligences is perhaps the primary birth-right value. Thus the confusion isn’t just the top-down reluctance to Disclose the extraterrestrial issue –  it’s equally our focus on “UFOlogy” as if it’s something that simply requires filling in the blanks to locate an ultimate truth.

The UFO/ET communication issue runs much along the same lines… none of us truly “know” the truth but many of us act as if we have a direct line to the extraterrestrial cosmic HQ.

This will soon crumble away the post Roswell/WW2 military and media hyped linear narratives of “contact” in favour of the various forms of more “un” mediated interfacing and exposure to this Otherness –  that’s coming whether we want it or not.

– This blog/site has a parallel aim of introducing that some of us believe is Contact v2.0  – or post 2012AD communication.  So whilst you-tube is full of real/CGI/alien/black-project “craft” –  a rising number of us around the whirrled are finding that this is in fact a glittery sideshow when in fact the more authentic ‘contact’ may not be made for the new social media, visual generation  – but
in its subtly lies the future.  It’s about the interface loop these anomalous objects  induce in each of us that experience them that will provide the “proof” that the logical, arrogant  masses of the UFO community appear to still demand.

….which in an era of CGI and cutting edge camera technology – is the only option. Photo and video footage just provide the illusion of proof.  Direct contact with this  ‘alien Other’ requires nothing more than that.  The only medium is your nervous system…. not a photo, not a video, not youtube and certainly not you shouting loudest because you *think* you’re right. 😉

CT AdminsContact is About Us – Not ‘aliens’, Governments or the Latest Youtube UFO Video

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