Pleasure, Choice and Responsibility – Feedback on Exopolitics and Intelligent First Contact

Article and thoughts from personal email [From Martin, USA – re-posted with permission] regarding wider impact of exopolitical and first-contact discussion in response to an editorial piece written by D.Griffin for the Exopolitics Institute news portal –  circa 2014. Martin makes a good point by ending asking “what’s your pleasure?”. This is far more than a throw-away comment –  it summarizes the choice we each have perfectly.

Ultimately the issue of life on other planets/dimensions or the fading term/concept of the “UFO” isn’t about proving this or dis-proving that. At some point it’s far more about what you as a person want to have as your future? A continuation of corrupt political cabals and hedge-fund banker types steering us, without braincells or conscience, to some well-deserved Armageddon – or grabbing hold of something that seemed to die along with the infamous JFK head-shot…. some vision for an advanced, egalitarian future.

This may be frightening to many [and in my years dealing with this issue –  I have learned that fear is behind 99% of ‘scepticism’ and/or indifference concerning us being just one of  many galactic, human-like civilisations] or invoke notions of  ‘better the devil you know’ with others…. but many of us know it’s now beyond this point. We’re on a time-line of choice.

Jump on your train of choice now.  If you want a new world where new thought and vision is part of the flow of things – then ETs are part of terrestrial evolution – they help, but don’t always interfere –  as they’ve done on numerous planet’s before this one [although we’ve been a hard-core case I’d wager] –  just as we’ll end up doing the same for other developing planets in other galaxies I’m sure.

If that seems ‘alien’ to you –  then maybe the current planetary reality will happily continue on for you. Just don’t expect your ATM to function once the metaphorical saucers have left and global bankers hand back the Greek Islands they received as part of individual pay-outs for asset-stripping nations around the world in the run-up to global contact.

Hello Exopolitics Community

Thank you for your commitment to this important work and the following is my contribution to further clarity exopolitics with the following:

The UFO phenomenon poses many unanswered questions and contemporaries have gone to great lengths to attempt to answer these questions. To make the subject even more challenging, there is disinformation and a ton of noise. When we glean through the noise, we find, to a large extent, most of the mystery has been solved and many of the baffling questions answered.

The remaining question that has not been answered is “If they are real, then why do they not just simply land on the Whitehouse lawn, hold a press release announcing their existence and arrival?”

Good question.

In reality, the answer to this question is not a very popular one and it’s not something as a species we are in any way prepared to look at. The bottom line is that there is really nothing here on earth, as expressed in our humanity, which is of any interest to someone who has mastered interstellar travel and transcended their pre-stellar limits that we in humanity have yet to address. It is only our hubris to think that what we have evolved to offer the cosmos is of any consequence.
Get over it, come to grips with the fact that to the trans-dimensional entity, at humanity’s present bandwidths, “we have the porch light on, but clearly, nobody is home”.

Let’s just say we were able to briefly catch one of these travellers attention and he or she indulged us in an exchange dialogue. What would he learn from the earthling? Idle chatter about the weather?  No, not chemtrails, we can’t go there, the latest on Dancing with the Stars or who was booted off the reality TV Island?  Perhaps a discussion on the wisdom of bombing a modern country of 75 million intelligent innocent people?  Even offering up some esoteric science or so called wisdom would not do the trick. I’m afraid it would be a pretty short conversation as nothing of interest could be offered to our Star Traveller.

We on earth need to appreciate that the Star Traveller has a functioning relationship with reality and that we simply have not evolved or possess such a faculty.  They have a functioning relationship with reality that permits them to understand the material, dimensional and the energy informational encoded holographic realms we all inhabit. The entity uses his or her brain and even a small portion of the mind, where we on earth use virtually neither.

On the other hand, cave art and native lore tells us the Star Travelers have visited many of the tribes millennium ago. We have their accounts in vivid detail in most of the world’s native lore and cave paintings. What did the tribes have to offer of sufficient interest to the Star Travelers, warranting species interaction where nothing we have today is of any interest to them?

Stellar minds and trailblazers like the dear departed Terrance McKenna provided clues in sharing  detailed trans-dimensional experiences with us to no avail. Terrance had personal interaction with these entities with the use of sacred herbs. What was lost on Terrance was the fact that we have these magic DNA activating hormones in our own brain chemistry kit and the fact that we can use our home grown glandular secretions to expand our consciousness bandwidth, availing ourselves to fuller functioning relationships with reality, accessing the domains of the more grown up entities in our shared space.  To learn how to activate these glands and achieve pituitary and pineal gland secretions, go to:

The message is loud and clear from John Mack’s extensive abductees work. What is of interest to the Star Travelers is our Royal Flush DNA hand that we’ve been dealt. The fact that we have yet to realize the great potential to what this special DNA resource potentially means to the universe, is another matter and does not diminish its actual value.  The universe seems to have a protective viral defensive mechanism to contain aberrant mutations so as to not infect broader space. It’s clear as well that a species like ours comes and goes when we fail to transcend our self imposed limits / fears and learn to embrace empathy, love, transcendence, creativity and infinity.

We now near another critical threshold where we self destruct or somehow find a way to join our Star Traveler in the discovery/destiny of our shared future or not.

What’s your pleasure?

Martin J. Burger CEO
Blue Eagle Refiners Inc.

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