Experiencer – Wave #1 – Nuclear Era – Sherry Wilde

Sherry Wilde fits nicely alongside our recent thinking as to why 60 years of UFO discussion has not only led us to a very few places that advance the positive [evolutionary] aspects of the phenomenon as she [like a handful of others]  remain without much public fanfare or kudos from the self-created elders of the research community. However – there’s a weird logic to these covert cases –  almost as if they are made ready for a set time-release to earn a wider impact via being amplified at exactly the most effective point in the cultural/evolutionary time progression.

Like Alec Newald and several others we could assign to a theme as far as contact goes  –  Sherry intuitively knew she was born after an agreement to take on recent earth issues –  ths arriving hre  around that magical turning point of 1947. Well researched readers will know that this year is about more than just a few crashes at Roswell, New Mexico.  In fact a whole system was created to attempt to deal with visiting intelligences – in the shadow of the first atomic bomb tests. This ‘national Security state’ took on the contact issue unfortunately merged with growing Cold War fears and expanding desires for blinkered world-destroying [and it seems dimension altering] techno avenues which we are still dealing with today.


CT AdminsExperiencer – Wave #1 – Nuclear Era – Sherry Wilde

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