Video – Are our higher emotional states being utilised by a faction of intelligent visitors?

Loosh was first coined by Robert Monroe after an astral projection. It is a rare substance in the higher dimensions, and it is vital for the activities of higher beings which we might call gods.

Loosh naturally occurs from a series of vibrational actions during the carbon-oxygen cycle. The earth was created as a garden for loosh. The “farmers” eventually found that conflict among carbon-oxygen brings forth a constant supply of loosh. Splitting the “crop,” animals, into two different genders encouraged loneliness and therefore created an increase in loosh production. The most common tools for harvesting loosh are love, friendship, family, greed, hate, pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrifice—and on a large scale, nations, provincialism, wars, famine, religion, machines, freedom, industry, and trade.

Robert Monroe saw that the entire earth is a loosh factory. Beings, far more advanced than us, feed off of the emotional energy we release during times of loneliness or distress. Animals were equipped with super-speed and sharp claws to increase the amount of suffering, or loosh, released by animals. Nothing produces more loosh than human suffering and loneliness

Here, Italian academics combine their viewpoints and research on the idea that ‘alien attachments’ are about their fascination with human energy –  due to our unique DNA.

Whilst this is an interesting and rarely discussed area – seeing this aspect of ET interaction as the totality is using a victim or paranoid cosmic lens – there are many components to ET visitation that counter this position –  but it’s worth considering as it’s perhaps the most well argued position on this discussion you’ll encounter in the wealth of data out there on our interaction with intelligent life forms – benevolent or otherwise.

Wars and More - ET Role in Evolution

Wars and More – ET Role in Evolution

If you’ve read your contact accounts – you’ll maybe have found situations where emotional, fear or sexual energy is “captured” during the classic pre-2012 abduction scenarios by some ETs when experiencers have been on-board a saucer/craft for example. In the case of Jim Sparks [see interviews from 2006 on] – he actually saw the smaller ‘drone’ greys pass some element of his energy around in an etheric form – with much delight it appeared at the time.

At a macro stage – authors such as William Bramley have suggested that energy from global conflict is also utilised by maybe negative groups. Read his book – “The Gods of Eden” for more.

The discussion below should be considered as one extreme ‘matrix like’ view of how power and control could function on a level similar to that declared of the Archons by the early Christian, shamanic Gnostic sects.  If you would like to add a counter ‘op-ed’ piece to this article –  please contact us and we’ll publish anything useful that adds to this contentious area.


adminVideo – Are our higher emotional states being utilised by a faction of intelligent visitors?


  1. Duncan Roads

    I share your sentiments. LOOSH is where it is at on one major level. Our bodies are bio-suits, used by us (immortal beings of spirit) to experience the effects/consequences of reality creation in a phased density of what is called ‘lower frequencies’. We evolve via learning from our experiences in these bodies. To under loosh is to understand a major reason for our existence on this Earth. I like your website! best regards, Duncan

  2. Author

    Thanks for your input Duncan…. 🙂
    I like the idea that Loosh reflects back our own perception – if we want to be bled dry by nefarious entities from the lower realms, it “is” that. If we see it as a simple to-and-fro of energies or some sort of vampiric force to over-come and become more aware in the process – then it’s this also.

    PS: Site still in production. I’ll add a permanent link to ANP when done. Exo UK has 5000 docs/media items and is too vast to move. So exopolitics becomes a museum – and we move on… 😉

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