CE5 Interaction – Starcraft Morphs Over Hill Ridge – Basic Quality Example

Here’s a fraction of the collection of images and video small groups in our region have caught on camera. This is some 2 year old CE5 footage  shown purely to demonstrate how contact can become interactive… these basic stages can be:

  1. Alerted via some intuitive or conscious signal to look in ‘X’ direction or, if indoors,  go to window.
  2. Usual first stage is small, strobing lights – looking like stars.
  3.  Interaction is defined for a few seconds or minutes by craft illuminating to the ‘Jerusalem star’ formation – [hence the wider term some of us use of StarCraft]
  4.  Object then interacts mentally via various forms and moves on to its usual appearance –  in this case what we call the ‘Line craft’.

Note – No engine sounds are heard for either formation of this  interactive object.   We have footage proving they are not planes time and time again…

Star-Craft waits behind tree after sending communication ‘signal’ and illuminates

or ‘flares up’ in response to  reciprocal human contact/interaction.

Filmed thru a large tree for first half and hazy aerosol residue. Those trying to be helpful in site / youtube comments by saying “get a tripod” or “get a better camera” have obviously failed to grasp the weirder aspects to filming these intelligent objects.  There is no technology to get “close ups” of these things like a football match zoom etc – it’s more complex than just getting  “better technology”.

And we know this from experience –  several £1000 worth of  equipment was “disabled” over a few days when  we tried to use it  at the start of the CE5 trips out to these vortex zones.  This explains the lack of CE5 style footage that established  groups [including Dr Greer’s CSETI] have managed to get in  clear forms.  I cover all this in a podcast  from 2015.

Object then moves slowly behind near-to-lens tree branches until it morphs into a common “line craft format”. Note the fact the craft above the hill ridge line has BOTH motion blur light effects but also one or two lights remaining perfectly still.  This, by common physical optics is not meant to happen..?!

NB: Additional voice-over narrative due soon for this and other footage.  This will make sense of the episodes far more than a few in-line video  comments.

Back-up Youtube Version – https://youtu.be/CmGbdUNX_pM

Watch at 720 resolution or greater….

And yes –  the quality is  lower compared to other footage groups in this region have obtained.  Street lighting and aerosol spraying or regular mist  causes issues with both camcorders on low-light mode or night vision scopes which amplify the pollution as much as the object you’re trying to capture.

Point is not to moan in Youtube comments –  but to experience this sort of thing and more first hand…. 😉

adminCE5 Interaction – Starcraft Morphs Over Hill Ridge – Basic Quality Example

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