Use of Plasma Sphere as Interactive Contact Catalyst [video]

**ROUGH CUT Testing G.E.M.: ie: Low light N/V camera only — other footage obtained – use 720 quality on y/tube – haze it mostly from atmosphere **
GEM Sphere left alone after delivery until I thought it would be best amplified by hooking up with the regular plasma type intelligent objects i meet and have met for over 5 years now.

Some misunderstanding – GEM Sphere is not the objects in the SKY – it’s a specially made object that contains a form or plasma or ‘ForMatta’ as we call it – 4th state of matter.
Sphere was on dashboard and experience was something totally new – although to those watching on video who were not there at that moment – it may not mean as much… but it proves one aspect of the Hydro/GEM technology in my book 😉

See: and her media interviews for more on the science behind the sphere and hydrogen cipher theory.

CT AdminsUse of Plasma Sphere as Interactive Contact Catalyst [video]

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