ContActiVism :: Alien Nano Toys and the Covert War War for Consciousness

 - Update to Falklands, Marconi Scientist Deaths and Terraforming of our Species-

David Griffin [exopolitics uk] @ Bases Conference 2014: – gives an update on his groups C.E.-5 work on the Friday night skywatch at Knap Hill, Wilts, and at the event promoter’s request updates his Black Goo-Sentient fluid data on “Terra-forming Consciousness”, and his detailed research on transformation of consciousness.

Additional Notes: Despite collecting suitable night vision equipment for the trip to crop-circle land and getting an advanced, interested party of 35 who felt they had enough energy to climb Knap Hill, Alton Barnes – near the infamous Eastfield area –  featured in depth elsewhere on this site [- but i’m assuming only if the links and images have stood the test of several years site closures and server moves etc!]  –  the weather beat us to it once more. However –  by 10pm, the elements cleared and 8 or 10 of us made it up there for a trial Skywatch and maybe some limited C.E.5 type efforts.

The results were astonishing   – for the time put in and can be seen in the first ten mins of the presentation. We had to stay up most of the night just to get these few mins of footage into the presentation the next day. Excuse camera wobble and over-excited shouts – we had no tripod and relied mostly on one Night Vision gadget which had a microphone near my mouth as filming 😉

Note: C.E.5 simply means “human initiated contact” –  from the classic Hynek Scale. It in no way implies some of us have talents other do not.

Notice the first short footage which catches flashing objects/UFOs –  this is common. “They” remain at a distance until both parties are “ready”. C.E.5 in our experience does not mean you get get contact at will as certain people may have you think.  However –  a small group of us from Yorkshire have proven the “interaction” component / issue time and time again… and lots more besides.

If you or your group would like to join the list of growing requests from various regions for help setting up a group, feel free to get in touch. Our Facebook group is answered faster at times.  Or try davID[AT] .

Presentation part of a 3 day long wider event from:

Whole event covered PoV stylee by Ben HPANWO –  done in his usual detailed, humourous fashion. Note that Ben was an active participant in the objects contact stage #2 –  as seen in presentation.  Ask him next time you see him – He knew these weren’t flares or floating above the horizon car head-lights 😛 !


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