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To develop Exopolitics we need to know who the ETs are. Developing a more proactive-interactive approach which is both verifiable and trust building we could find out more. We need to RELATE with them more and with greater equality. Let’s try it! Discard it if its false but also accept it and change our prejudices if it is not! Genuine contactees can contribute to this by assisting with the applications of scientific procedures. Furthermore, adequate, objective results would also legitimize their contact claims. It is 2014 and high time to shift ufological tactics first by relaxing many psychological, ideological and social prejudices and, quite simply…by seriously attempting to scientifically verify the extraterrestrial presence with the assistance of some of these beings and their contactees.

With the growing abundance of documentaries on extraterrestrial life people are getting used to entertaining ideas and news about extraterrestrials, UFOs and contacts. Conventional documentaries sell the expectation of an eventual intelligent extraterrestrial contact mostly through technological means and the unconventional clearly suggest that it may be actually happening  through means which often include mental, psychic, spiritual and-or advanced spacetime/reality manipulating means. It is time to bring both approaches together to detect and measure unconventional flying vehicles in an objective manner and to augment any verifiable interaction with their designers.

Can we move into a more proactive, experimental stage blending scientific verification means and the mental-psychic-social contactee means? Yes, I think so after  considering that already – on occasions – some degree of collectively verifiable human-extraterrestrial interactions have taken place through contactees in agreement with extraterrestrial varieties. It is not so much a matter of possibility but of overcoming the prejudices inhibiting us from even attempting it. It is a matter of thinking beyond fears, a matter of surpassing social control mechanisms and limiting self-centered ‘comfort zones’. It is a matter of intersubjective agreement. Instead of dimissing beforehand contactee efforts that may provide evidence but may also seem to be “pseudo religious,” let’s go out to the fields and find repeatable, objective evidence through experimental interaction! Empirical results are possible and the implications are vast. A new stage of Ufology suitable for Exopolitics is possible.

The Context

We seem to be dealing with a phenomenon that bridges the gap between purely physical and purely psychic-social experiences and explanations of reality. However, to begin dealing with this adequately, first of all the very term “extraterrestrial” must become legitimate and not the butt of jokes in the perspectives of social actors.

Under the build-up of social awareness on ET issues any dramatic UFO phenomenon event may spur enough social demand and the possibility of some kind of citizen or government-induced public “disclosure.” But before that first it would be good to try to find out who’s who among the ETs to be disclosed.

I think that certain types of extraterrestrial intelligences (or “ETI”) interacted with through a few serious contact groups may become more disposed to show up (materialize?) their vehicles less ambiguously and more regularly under telepathically established place, date and time. Some ETI may be willing to work with well-meaning, balanced individuals to boost a scientifically verifiable kind of Ufology.

The Proposal

I think that we can and ought to initiate a new stage of research. Ever since the begining of the modern era of “Ufology” some researchers went on to work with contactees, telepaths and experiencers and others went on to work with classical “nuts & bolts” approximations establishing themselves as more “scientific” and dismissive of the former. Today, there’s evidence that each approximation is valid for different aspects of a reality that encompases them. Thus, these knowledge worlds must merge. Genuine contacteeism should not be further dismissed as steming from illusion and-or crank cases especially if independent researchers and media reporters are objectively verifying it.   

The ETI connection between physical reality levels might occur through a non-physical, mental, information realm related to our subconscious minds and with which we are always connected. ETIs would be  able to reach “our planet” not only  by “tunneling” or quantum jumping between sectors of our universe but also among reality sectors, time rates and other parameters between various physical universes. This is why the concept of “ETI” would have to include the possibility of “transdimensionality.”

Let’s remember that the term “UFO” is an easy-to-use, but often imprecise, acronym pertinent to objects that have not been adequately identified, but if we have enough evidence that some of these objects are used by ETI, we should find another definition that applies to that. If we repeatedly verify in a reasonable way an intelligent interaction with objects connected with ETI after communicating with them we should apply another term, such as “ETV” (extraterrestrial vehicle) or such. Understanding these vehicles and the intelligences linked to them may be best done through a lessening of classical scientific strictures. The reason may be that, in order for them to function in our reality frame, subjective, probability-modifying, qualitative connections would also have to be in operation.

There are no clear statistics but I have the impression that for every few hundred or so typical abduction accounts (a la Budd Hopkins) there may be one that qualifies as communicative, friendly contact through invitation and respect of conscious choice. The requirement may be to possess a more permeable subconscious while in the conscious state. These types of contacts now seem to be less common and, due to our minds often being set on thinking of these encounters as truly “alien” and even manipulative they seem to be too nice to be true. However, generally speaking – even with benevolent, “space brother,” “classical contactee” cases – it is “them” (the particular extraterrestrial group involved) who generally decide how and who to initiate contact with.

For the most part it seems that we are still too primitive, emotionally attached to simplistic, dichotomous views of reality and to unpredictable but, according to some contactees we can still evolve way beyond that situation without co-dependent attachments to ETI. Some ETI would be “benevolent” in that they would believe that we can still “catch up” awakening to actualize much greater potentials. They would thus keep an eye on us advising and protect our possibilities to evolve through a conscious effort. Moreover, these ETI varieties seem to be willing to communicate at least with a few of us more in our communication styles as respectable entities of equal worth.  Other ETI groups not knowing what we may become and observing not only that we are destroying our ecosystems but that we have not yet obtained a decent planetary coherence as a species may have the right to take advantage of us, for instance by hybridizing with us to “enhance” us by producing hybrids. However, I think the highest path for us relates to consciously chosen, VOLUNTARY forms of contact in which fear and limiting attachments are overcome and important information is consciously gained.

Let us find some bona fide contactees that seem to work with varieties of ETI willing to interact more openly in a mutually respectful manner. In George Adamski’s time few other witnesses (like Madeleine Rodeffer) were able to see and film the craft or to accompany the main protagonist to a contact experience. Most of the alleged physical contactees from the 1950’s had experiences almost exclusively reserved to them as it’s been known through their individual testimonies. It seems that when the possibility of making these experiences more collectively verifiable was increasing, the “CONTACTEE ERA” (a window of opportunity in time) was questioned to the point of almost coming to a close. It didn’t make much difference even if some pictures (like for instance Paul Villa’s) really looked outstanding.

The many alleged contact cases with human-looking, conversant and friendly ETI known in the 1950’s were almost forgotten and contacts with other kinds of ETI naturally surged from the 1960’s on. We don’t need to condemn that but to understand it as a natural shift after easier contacts were rejected. For various reasons the tendency in the northern hemisphere was -generally speaking – also unable to match the more flexible – even if less analytical – adaptive mindset in some of the best (albeit few), coherent, idealist, Latin American contact groups able to blend spirituality, some degree of intellectual coherence and hard work with a natural, easygoing INTERSUBJECTIVE acceptance of the extraterrestrial presence as “elder brothers” or simply…as friends. Thus, a different contact plan with a different subgroup of ETIs was implemented in Latin America in the 1970’s.

While most contact procedures in the Northern Hemisphere apparently became more, instrumental, intrusive, matter-of-fact, one-sided and result-driven, the ones in the Southern Hemisphere became subtler, more open to voluntary participation, but also at times tending towards sociological forms of psycho-spiritual cultism and over-idealization. However, contacts were real…even physicallly so and ocassionaly collectively verified and today there’s a slowly growing awareness that a dynamic middle ground compromise accepting greater objectivity can be achieved. In the beginning, mostly due to a non-scientific attitude and to great respect for the “extraterrestrial guides” only in very rare instances did people bring along their cameras to try to document the ETI presence. Now, there’s a mildly growing interest in using video and photo cameras to document what is happening and with it there are more opportunities for a more modern kind of worldwide recognition.

Ufologists and scientists in the more rigidly intellectual “north” should at least “suspend judgment” as much as possible and go see what is happening with a spirit of genuine scientific exploration and straightforward sincerity. That is what Michael Salla (political scientist) and Paola Harris (investigative journalist) did through a particular serious contactee as reported in http://exopolitics.org/extraterrestrial-message-for-humanity/ and in http://exonews.org/encounter-antarel-mt-shasta/.

In my my view, those experiences can be repeated and improved in different countries with the respect and CONSENT of the particular friendly extraterrestrial beings directly associated. That would be more exopolitically convenient for humanity at large since these beings seem to respect our self-determination. Moreover, it should be repeated in a progressive manner with the aim of building genuine, amicable relationships of trust and respect not only with the ETI but with ourselves, learning and respecting the process involved.

Our worldviews, premises and paradigms (now mired in conflicting views, materialism, lack of trust and even excessive post-modern relativism) will definitely receive a refreshing expansive influence after “first contact” becomes clear or after a socially impacting form of disclosure is widely acknowledged. However, we still need to learn much more about benign forms of contact not only easier to assimilate by honest, rational human minds but offering a communicative broad-spectrum picture. We would need to psychologically move beyond the traditional “let’s first consider them as potential enemies” military-like, approach and this shift in view could even officially take place through  gradual, voluntary contacts and interactions establishing trust.

We can bring together useful intelligent, QUALITATIVE approaches that, due to a sense of self invested in the partial solutions of dichotomous thinking, only SEEMED UNREAL AND NON-CREDIBLE . What can arise from this is not only a form of “scientific contacteeism” and a more “proactive exopolitics” but also “experimental ufology” and, in the latter case (with increasing degrees of cooperation from ETI) we could have more opportunities to measure energy fields and other aspects related to various scientific theories that may begin to explain the “transphysical” and-or “interdimensional” nature of devies that operate across a vaster cosmic reality. The bulk of the effort, of the coming together and research would fall upon human shoulders, not upon the “space brothers” (a perfectly valid term) who are not here to “save us” as is often generalized among intellectuals and researchers that often OVERSIMPLIFY contacteeism.

Through specific contactees and through their psychic-psychological-ethical, group-based contact methods (however “naïve” and “soft” they may seem) there may rise opportunities both for accredited scientists and for objective “citizen scientists” to verify contacts; to interact and communicate with ETI (and-or to verify interactions and communication events) first hand. That is important and that is a possibility.

I understand that contacts through genuine telepathy and telepathic psychography are generally more respectful of human dignity and more accurate and that through them the contact can sometimes be verified, for instance, through consecutive and simultaneous communication receptions, synchronicities and sufficiently unequivocal specifically expected verification sightings. However, to be fair I must say that it is known that psychiatrist Mario Dussuel advisor to Chile’s CEFAA carried on some proactive scientific contact experiences through the use of voice channeling. He requested a particular extraterrestrial group to provide a way to analyze the substance of “foo fighters” and apparently was soon given a PHYSICAL SAMPLE through another person and the analysis was performed.

The Fear

The fear of being made fun of by peers inside academic, political and other modern institutions and then shunned from opportunities has been a powerful deterrent against serious research into genuione contacteeism. There simply is a stubborn resistance to consider something as crucial, especially through means outside of recognized academic methods. But evidence for a reality that urges to be recognized will eventually win out against avoidance, closed-mindedness, denial and fear.

Let me state that I do admire the work of regular scientists revealing the cosmos in other specific, valid, necessary, objective and conventional ways. I’m all for SETI, ESA and NASA’s continued discoveries and look forward to the launch of the Tess and James Webb Missions. The scientists’ revealing of patterns in the known physical universe may reflect deeper aspects of the non-physical cosmos. Their discoveries are necessary. In fact, connecting with ETI through alternative telepathic and contactee means may not necessarily reveal to us all there is to know as some ETI may want to avoid propitiating co-dependencies or not be willing to inform us of everything they know. Thus scientific research (also open to an open dialogue with the humanities and social sciences) should remain just as important in order to develop our understanding even after widely acknowledged verification or disclosure.

However (even if not coinciding with current theoretical frameworks or being taken seriously by most individuals with PhDs) credible evidence for an intelligent extraterrestrial presence does already exist, should be carefully looked into and should be creatively approached. Scientific but non-conventional methods are called for. If institution-based scientists remain unwilling to work with contactees to verify human-ETI interaction a new breed of “citizen scientists” also providing objectively-gathered evidence can promote knowledge and disclosure.

The Opportunity

The next step is to try to develop rapport with the extraterrestrial entities willing to establish a dialogue, allowing us to verify their presence. It is not naive because it has been gradually happening on a small scale. They may be willing not only to appear with their craft at a set place, date and time but to eventually – for instance – facilitate us filming or taking pictures of their vehicles, perhaps during daytime. That’s were science and scientific equipment can come in. Some reporters have even been occasionally able to witness and-or film anomalous aerial objects through some contactees.

If “CITIZEN SCIENTISTS” produce enough serious evidence, then an academic interest in actually verifying and communicating with ETI through contactees may also follow. Their work may also be scientifically valid and deserve due respect and being reproduced.

We would have to come to terms with the legal status of ETI as much as with our own legal status (or analogous concept) according to ETI procedures and understandings. We would have to understand whether existing in a non-completely physical form within our reality frame exempts ETI from our legal prohibition against flying over our nation’s skies without permission.We would have to come to terms with the likely fact that “they” have been coming and going before we even thought what a modern “legal status” was. We would have to consider that perhaps “they” (how many and why?) have influenced our cultural and biological evolution over eons. We would have to learn to communicate with them also according to their understandings.  

It is time to make contact, solidifying the evidence in an undeniable way, dialoguing in tandem with verifiable events to build our knowledge of who ‘they’ are, what their plans are, their differences, agreements, excesses, and so forth. We also need to know who ‘we’ are in relation to ‘them’ and who expects what from us. I think that treating contactee and UFO research in a non-trivial way will be a first step crucial to be treated by most ETI varieties as sufficiently responsible, intelligent, as equals and as sovereign whose conscious minds deserve to be respectfully consulted before interactions.


It is time to think more inclusively. The contact experience itself doesn’t need to be limited to individuals without scientific training. It can be both with a subjective-intersubjective approach as well as a careful, objective evidence-gathering approach. Both skeptical, materialist scientists claiming that there’s little or even “no shred of evidence” that we are being ‘visited’ and small segments of humanity claiming to already be in voluntary contact with ETI would have to come together recognizing the merits of each other’s methodologies as their exclusivist attitudes become passé.

Knowing when and where extraterrestrials may become detectable would give accredited scientists and “citizen scientists” time to prepare for careful data gathering including the use of measurement devices such as infrared, gamma ray, x ray, detectors. Perhaps the decay of spacecraft produced particles into gamma rays expected by theorists like Robert L. Schroeder can be tested. The role of consciousness, the subconscious, premonition, why some individuals can clearly see an ETI vehicle and someone next to them cannot could come to be better understood

Taking simultaneous pictures at a known distance between two cameras preferably in the daytime and with some clouds for reference and (with ETI consent) could be useful to triangulate the distance from materialized ETI objects establishing that they are indeed three dimensional, of a certain size and apparent distance as they become detectable in our spacetime reality.

I also take the proposal of working with bona fide contactees and willing extraterrestrial entities as an enhancement over already interesting and partially successful CE-5 methods because of the particularity of being friends with ‘them’,knowing who ‘they’ are, and when and where they will manifest. This would lead to more repetitive, experimental opportunities. What is need the most is not to dismiss offhand the requirement to work in a respectful manner with the finest available contactees, whether we agree or not with their ideologies or with their more qualitative, subjective-intersubjective methods. Contactees, contactee supporters, accredited scientists, citizen scientists and also the general public, cultural leaders and politicians al lneed to grow up. Given that most people may not be serious enough, nor ethically motivated or sufficiently  easy-going about full-blown, open contact interactions, most likely the process would have to be relatively gradual. However, it needs to get on its way.

Verified, objective interactions connected with associated extraterrestrial information could also gradually inform our exopolitical considerations. We could assign more credence to some of the information imparted about cosmic history, human history and the structure of an intelligent cosmic community.  Some of us could even have onboard contact opportunities and ETI ambassadorship may gradually manifest. The UN would have to establish a multi national research office and congressional hearings would ensue.

Practical, empirical results that can be analyzed would help scientists overcome their prejudice against the possibility of directly affecting physically verifiable phenomena through an interactive “space” not limited to a rigid external reality. Even the possibility of scientists experiencing some degree of verifiable physical and-or “transphysical” contact themselves could happen. Not facing these mind-expanding challenges would probably signal that we are an unviable, closed-minded  species, incapable of facing planetary challenges as a whole.

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