Changing Nature of Authentic Contact – Alec Newald

Having worked and known Kiwi based experiencer and author Alec Newald for several years, I know he is cautious in when and with whom he communicates. In addition, having respect for the fact that James Gilliand has merged wider themes of this issue but based on a core component of having a full-time environment [Trout Lake Washington] where the ideas and the reality of contact with intelligent forms carefully mesh with each other for what many of us know are more ‘realistic’ results.

No chance of claims made behind a PC monitor in such cases… the response – call it CE5 or any other form of feedback – validates the approach you and your network have selected.

Many won’t have the patience for this form of interview in the hyper-speed, synapse-burning era of the visual web – with a recent British university study concluding that the maximum or average time adults could spend on one ‘object’ of media [page, article, video etc] was a sad 23 seconds in 2016. As someone who watched the internet and WWW grow in the mid 1990s – such stats are maybe not what those who envisioned such media technologies thought would be the result. However – if you stick with this chat – you may see why I used the term “authentic” in the title above – as I do for a handful of other contact cases that I have learned to locate a kind of ‘code’ in which makes people like Alec distinct from others that arrive on the scene with amazing Sci-Fi or doom-laden tales but, despite the attention they appear to obtain, their accounts just don’t feel “true”… whatever we mean by that in the 21st Century.


CT AdminsChanging Nature of Authentic Contact – Alec Newald

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