Keshe’s New Energy Ultimatum Ends – What Happens Next?

Mr M T Keshe –  the Iranian born new energy   ‘genius’ appears to have made a significant move in his PLASMA [see videos and experiences on what we’ve called FORMATTA based on CE5 or Interactive Contact experience over the years]  based energy  devices and bringing them closer to public grasp –  not just shuffled away by above-government groups due to the desire for control and profit. The controversial  scientist has finally released his foundation’s, what may turn out to be, earth changing energy units to national Keshe Foundation reps from many countries around planet. This follows years of delay after underhand tactics and pressure from the KF’s first research location in Belgium –  apparently from the Belgian Royalty group –  resulting in delayed development, attempted poisoning of MT Keshe’s wife and a subsequent move to Italy.

The sole director of the Foundation is the founder, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, a nuclear engineer born in Iran in 1958. Keshe is different to previous individuals who have claimed to have found ‘free’ or over-unity energy systems for several reasons.  The major one is the fact Keshe himself fully acknowledges the reality of intelligent ET life interacting with our species.  Thus he ranks as a high tech –  synthesizer of knowledge instead of the usual specialist –  who narrowly follows the “scientism” dogma and fails to apply his work to a pragmatic advancement of the world as a single collective culture.

Keshe has recently stated:
“One nation, one planet, one race… a tool of peace has been given, the rest belongs to the people.”

Previously  Keshe’s foundation had issued a World Peace document –  essentially suggesting that global power structures either work immediately towards a peaceful development as one world or he would release his technology patents based on free energy systems that tap into the fourth state of matter [ForMatta] and render all prior energy systems –  such as archaic fossil fuels] as totally obsolete.  Given the state of the world and those who we’ve allowed into positions of power that appear to not just self-serve their own short-term power goals but have also created a breakaway civilisation for those they deem worthy of inclusion. That’s probably not you.

It’s not a well known point that Gary McKinnon was actually spurred on to hack into NASA etc networks not so much for evidence of the clichéd little green men – but for the free energy devices that power the vehicles they and some satellite military groups appear to use. We could suggest that the energy issue is as vital as the “problem” of  formally acknowledging the ET presence for planetary power structures.  Who wants coal soot spewing and radiation leaking power plants made useless within a year or two by the release at grass-roots level of advanced power systems?

The UFO/Contact paradigm has always been inextricably linked to ‘exotic’ power systems.  I was recently interviewed by a UK TV production house linked to National Geographic on the topic of gary McKinnon and theories on a ‘secret space fleet’ [see or for a huge range of documents and media on this issue].  When you’ve absorbed accounts and information on an area for most of your life –  you can tend to forget that some aspects you consider common sense to most intelligent people – are in fact not understood by those that have shunned the area. I guess we can omit such assumptions as many of us come to see the issue of life existing outside our world as not only a basic premise but one that should be seen as the most inherently important to our collective culture –  given the apex point of evolution we appear to be at –  with all the possibilities this brings of either extinction or transition to a more honest and rewarding existence.  That’s a long but important point on why I was stopped in my tracks in the London TV studio when at the end of the hour or so of recording, the producer ended up asking as an after-thought:

“You keep mentioning these ‘new energy forms’ in relation to the UFO topic…  but I don’t really follow the link, can you expand on this?”

This was a middle-class, educated media type – but it struck me that, despite being the second most searched term on google, the Disclosure/contact/ET issue remains within a dedicated few percent of the populous because pre-conditioning regards being open to the possibility of life outside the planet has brain-washed even the inquisitive into failing to consider basic elements of us ‘not being alone’.  As we’d also discussed the whole Moon Landing [conspiracy] area related to McKinnon’s case as part of the interview –  I ended up saying in response:

“Well when you hear of  witnesses observing a fly-by of our moon and watching it fade to the size of a golf-ball when apparently aboard an ET craft or advanced ‘reversed engineered’ ship operated by terrestrial humans –  they’re certainly not throwing Volkswagen combustion engines in these things to get that sort of result..”

Such has been the effective nature of ridicule and misinformation on the ET issue [a lot simply to conceal black project craft built from alien acquired technology] that these basics such as how the immense power and ‘self-contained gravity field’ etc are sourced  need explaining. However – many of us know from experience that once an example such as this is presented in a manner so it is understood – never again will that element of this complex field need bringing up again. A proportion of us then go on to intuitively explore ourselves in my opinion.

So ET contact equates with a paradigm shift in energy…. it cannot evolve in any other way.  There’s another level to this –  beyond simply making a flying saucer or triangle zip around the sky without squashing its inhabitants from natures g-forces… but that’s for future discussion.

ForMatta – Plasma is the 4th State of matter and the result of longer term efforts in the CE5 area appears to be the increased ability to perceive and interact with so called ‘anomalous’ objects – called “UFOs” or “Orbs” in the pre-2012 era.   Keshe’s science may help us understand what those of us that have started small groups who attempt interactive contact are dealing with on a scientific level.

There is some evidence [though carefully avoided/discussed by Keshe himself when asked] that as part of the World Peace  document and somewhat effective offer of the blueprints for free of his his MagGrav technology to every nation on the planet –  that the following geopolitical incidents were directly influenced by the Keshe Foundation’s approaches:

  • The sudden turn around by the USA from threatening to destroy [economically or otherwise]  Iran if it did not agree to certain stringent limits on its nuclear domestic program was due to the fact that Iran had prioritised development of  Keshe based defence technologies which are ahead of many black/covert project weapons/devices major players in the West have at present.
  • Further evidence of the above was backed up by Iran’s ability to bring 2 latest model US drones out of their airspace without any damage.  This appears to have been some sort of  ‘Star Trek’ tractor beam type gizmo.
  • Whilst a Western coalition was war-gaming on Russia’s door-step recently –  it appears a Russian plane managed to temporarily disable every critical device on the Donald Cook – one of their most advanced ships. This seems to have been similar to an EMP attack but without permanent damage. Rumour has it that this has caused major concern and humiliation in NATO members.
  • Significant testimony exists that KF plasma technology also heals a huge range of illnesses.  This is not so shocking when British inventor from the 1960s – John R Searl also claimed his SEG unit treated some ailments –  simply by being in its presence.

The foundation was offering blueprints for Keshe plasma technology over two years ago –  having written to every leader nation in the world. How many of these and other incidents were down to that country developing these systems or advancing already held systems remains to be seen.  One thing will back these events up –  if the domestic level of power units work –  it will revolutionise energy as we know it. From this –  we can assume that the above incidents [and many more we probably were not aware of] were based on K.F. scientific releases.  Remember –  a state can wield HUGE resources if provided with ground-breaking advice on novel energy/food/health technology.

First Working Version of KF Plasma Energy Device

First Working Version of KF Plasma Energy Device

Despite criticism and  many hitches along the way –  it DOES appear that Keshe has in fact developed several units to power cars. homes and industry that –  if implemented –  will shift forever the state of human evolution –  including power relationships that are currently still based on a feudal type system or corporatocracy –  state and big business boundaries are rarely in our overall best interests.

Just as in the last decade, Night Vision technology allowed individuals to see intelligent craft for themselves,  un-mediated  by ‘The Priesthood’ and/or governments and/or scientism and/or even dominant, confused UFO community narrative –  this sort of technology  will enhance the abilities of the individuals  wishing to build space transport and explore the cosmos…  a birth-rite all of us have had purposely removed from our awareness and expectations.

Optimism?! – “Expected at less than $10 per household in late 2016, this energy source can power everything. The applications are substantial: unlimited use for the development of food, energy, travel, medicine, materials and more. The unit is designed specifically to be affordable for all. Every home can generate power and cease reliance on power companies. Funding for this initiative is already available.”

Note –  the above sounds like 1950s sci-fi until you truly begin to grasp just what plasma “is”.   Interacting with anything involves plasma –  because to be a sentient being means we will “shape” our reality according to our consciousness and how tuned it is [or to what frequency etc]. Plasma is the bridge between ourselves and out ability to shape reality –  or get it to reflect back what the universe  appears to want to teach us.  That may sound abstract or esoteric –  but setting aside time for practices such as C.E.5 eventually hammers home some essential ‘natural laws’ of creation and imagination –  amplified by the crucial era we seem to inhabit at this point in the human race’s history.

  • If you are interested is establishing a UK based KF R&D Group – get in touch.
CT AdminsKeshe’s New Energy Ultimatum Ends – What Happens Next?


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    Here’s an additional vital point backing up Keshe’s devices…. a group with Tesla patents has to now release them as Keshe’s teachings and devices have made the patent obsolete.
    This link to Tesla needs a conference talk or article of its own – as far more has gone on linking these two men than most realise… and not at the most obvious level of ideas/theories.

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    Having created a group page in 2012 during phase #1 of the KF discussions – the UK seems to have had a spurt of interest since the KF announced the new devices were ready for dispatch and/or blueprints demonstrated for DIY plasma experimenting techie types. Obviously this is 3 years after certain claims were made by Mt Keshe himself whilst in his former base in Belgium.
    Those that know ‘novel energy’ development attempts from recent decades will have more tolerance of delays and issues that come with this much needed area – but that has not stopped even media experts like Stirling Allen [PESN] and more from claiming the KF’s research is dubious.
    As a long term observer and someone who tried to get Keshe himself over to talk in the UK in 2013 – I believe his abilities are real, intentions altruistic but this doesn’t mean the devices get into the public sphere. Added to this issue is the fact that plasma energy sources are nothing like plugging in a generator for your home. In fact it takes a whole new view of energy basics to “grasp” KF’s plasma processes and many – as seen by the rapid decline in participants from the first main workshop online to the second.
    Keshe is a natural believer in ET life and I would suggest he has had some ‘assistance’ consciously or otherwise from such parties who are desperate to balance out he chaos at this apex point in post 2012 history. This component [when recognised] adds a whole new level to what could be taking place on the planet at present. Some groups that practice C.E.5 type contact have documented evidence of ‘star-craft’ and other phenomena that appear to function in this plasma space. In the UK we’ve called this “ForMatta” – objects that demonstrate intelligence and appear to behave like the 4th state of matter.
    We currently have orders made ready for testing/feedback… let’s hope the KF manages where so many others failed before. It seems to be this option or we get assigned the cosmic ‘Evolutionary F Grade’ at the rate we’re going.

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