Inserted Genetics and Next Stage Visual Language – Harmonics

One aspect we may see as unrelated to expanding interaction with visiting intelligences is how language may, or may have to shift in order to allow a true degree of equal communication.

The issues and components of this phenomenon have been discussed in detail in interviews and conference presentations going back to 2005 by David Griffin as part of exploring exopolitics in the UK. Exopolitics as defined by Dr Michael Salla involves the study of political, social and cultural impacts of contact on a planetary species in transition.


Both the harmonics and the arm/hand gestures [think Qi Gong and plasma field formation as one possibility] are important to the wider concept of “visual language” –  although we venture into the area of physics and something Terence McKenna called ‘Electron Spin’  which relates to tonal generation by the human vocal chords to fully expand on these possibilities.  This ESP like system is prevalent in nearly all authentic contact accounts where communication takes place to varying degrees. As you will find out if you listen to the  two-part interviews with US based experiencer Jim Sparks on, some even got ‘taught’ how to use this light-speed processing method to astounding degrees.

See “Saucer School – Language, Psychedelics and ET Contact” [various titles of similar nature] on DVDs and platforms like Youtube.

Translation from German to English – comments on the tonal process:
The corner “overtone” that we can translate as sobretons or polifônico is a western vocal technique, which a singer may issue two or even three sounds of only once. It would be a sound basic or the note tonic and other (s) in harmonic generally a eighth above. Are harmonics which are contained in the voice. These harmonics are the melody of music while the serious note or the tonic makes the basis as if it were another singer doing a follow-up. This practice vocal represents a kind of therapy that I do. When I practice this corner I carry me for different regions of the mind, and almost always reach a state of calm and peace, especially when I sing for a long time. It’s hard to explain, you better listen to understand!

Second Example – Dual Voice

Above media from website:

Above: Talk from 2013Saucer School: Extraterrestrial Communication, Psychedelics and Visual Language

Have visiting intelligences “inserted” a language gene into human DNA?  The Fox P2 gene suggests exactly this and that Darwinistic approaches fail to account for such an astonishing, species-shifting event in the evolutionary cycle.

One example of discussion of the wider issues of visual language –  perhaps required to truly engage with none-terrestrial intelligences?


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