Another Attempt at Cracking the Repression

After many recent attempts stemming from ‘Project Starlight’ and the 2001 ‘Disclosure Project’ –  the latter of which had a huge impact on the issue of contacting extraterrestrial intelligence[s], Dr Steven Greer launches what appears to be a hybrid approach of personal [CE5] contact at grass-roots with more official big “D” Disclosure tactics.  This includes the release of ‘over unity’ energy systems.

Not that this is one of many projects and fund-raising ideas the group around CSETI have attempted.    One could be cynical about such a path –  but given no-one else is in a position or brave enough to attempt such a radical shift –  maybe we keep supporting such efforts.

Remember –  locally you can do a vast amount yourself.

p jAnother Attempt at Cracking the Repression

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