Contactivism – Alien Nano Toys and Terraforming the Human Psyche

After a reduced intro talk/presentation for Alec Newald’s newer material at Nexus 2016 Conference [along with 3rd member Duncan Roads] –  I was asked to select a more comprehensive introduction to the area by a few of those who were either present in Australia last week or watched it live via the Nexus  professional streaming TV system.

The radio show done with “A Global Focus” is the best starter point but after that –  this video from Marlborough Bases event  was a year or two on and adds a slightly different perspective.

Best to see/hear both before moving on in this area to your own research.  The term “black goo” particularly was tagged on to this research during the first video interview with Miles Johnston and Joanne Summerscales… which can be found elsewhere online –  but was an early attempt at knitting all this information together.  And yes –  it is vast.


CT AdminsContactivism – Alien Nano Toys and Terraforming the Human Psyche


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