1. Angela

    Ok, I really have no knowledge of even how to put it in words of what seems like whenever I look at the sky, I look at a specific star-like that I know it’s not a star…(well, clearly I can’t prove that) but, my videos that I capture show some pretty crazy stuff…(kind of like Stella’s) (am I supposed to be feeling like major anxiety right now?) anyway, I have what on my phone is capable to do is after taking a video, I can watch the video frame by frame, and with any frame by frame screen shot, I am able to take a screenshot of it to save the “crazy like images ” I get. BUT if taking a screenshot from the video on a frame by frame routine, that screenshot is not as clear as if you were to just look at it directly from the original video, so, I tend to prefer to show directly from my phone bc it’s never as clear when showing from another phone, or screenshot. If I’m not mistaken, or delusional, I do have videos/pictures from the video of aliens from thier Ufos in the sky. A pleadian even revealed herself to me when the gold ufo disappeared one time frame then back to ufo next time frame. . Along with other crazy looking Ufos and 3 aliens while the pleadian was the driver. I think they are from the star sisters, I really wouldn’t count on my guess, just what I came down to after an extensive amount of research. Portals, see a man about to walk through a portal door one frame, next frame, portal door is gone, full body apparition of a man walking away. (Ufo was nearby) I have other series of events in videos, that happens within only seconds, and get a credible amount of amazing ET or Ufos, even a portal where they would go through and disappear. Too much more to explain. That’s just a few. Now I’m a little scared putting this out there… But, I think bc I naturally found Stella’s video on YouTube, well it came to me, then I should go with the flow here and do what my instincts tell me to do!

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