Space Treaty and Weaponisation

This site is a compact and more directed version of a 15 year Exopolitics national site – run as part of the US based Exopolitics Institute and Paradigm Research Group.

Although Exopolitics carried out a much needed revamping of a stale 1980s/90s UFOlogy, achieved 23 national groups globally and beat ALL New Age/UFO type events in size in Spain in 2009 by getting 1400 people to a weekend conference in 2009 – it has also fragmented and core members gone in preferred directions. As well as having contact acceleration as a key aspect to Contact-Times, we continue to cover many of the main long term goals of which Exopolitics was created to advance.

One of these is the issue of Space Weaponisation and the complex simulations and false-flag trickery that accompany a species at our “end-time” level where satellite groups have worked with ET technology since WW2 but refused to distribute this for the wider good. Instead – a Breakaway Civilisation has been set-up. Some claim this is off-world, others that places such as Antarctica have been selected – along with 30 years of DUMBS [Deep Underground Military Bases].

Plasma wall-coating early boring machine... note US Navy logo.

Plasma wall-coating early boring machine… note US Navy logo.

The web has created as much confusion as it has creation – for example ideas such as Super Soldiers and Secret Space fleets are huge issues but can divert us from core, near-term aims.  This author’s long-term reading and current stance is based on a detailed, long term view of the scenario of a war-loving planet gaining the ability to leave what Dr Tim Leary in ExoPsychology called the post-larval,  “gravity well” of earth.  Aside from a few occasions which were –  let’s say ‘supervised’ –  it seems obvious that some form of quarantine is still in place.  This issue is a far more lengthy discussion –  it can be found on one of the early podcast series done a few years back.

Carol Rosin has held firm on the issue of ‘Peace in Space’ –  ie: not letting our demented behaviour taint the wider cosmos until we’ve learned lesson from the pre war nuke era and post war offers of help direct to global power reps by ET beings [I said it was a long story if you are new to this area] and stopping the  weaponisation of space.

Here’s a local copy of basic points we’ve used over the years –  since the warning from Wernher von Braun and Carol’s appearance at the 2001 DisclosureProject.

Below is a brief introductory video by Carol. She has her own radio show which is highly recommended on US stations/podcasts and archived on youtube.

See the document some of us sent to our government reps a few years back dealing with the core points of Peace in Space.  A basic intro is here:
There’s much more on this issue on the Exopolitics UK archive. More to come on the quarantine issue soon.

If you have any input on this area – get in touch.



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  1. davID

    No reference yet on main site[s] claiming to cover the use of the various orbital and gravity systems in L.E.O. and above apparently zoomed into location[s] in Jan 2018 as a high priority by private operator ‘Space X’ run by Elon Musk??

  2. davID

    The UFO scene is as usual re-active to situations instead of at least attempting to shove out a few ideas as to what may be going on…

    We apparently went to the moon in a tin can in 1969 – but need to call on Elon Musk who was strangely crashing his re-usable rocket systems during trial landing attempts only a few months ago?!? 50 years later – no sign of having the kit to achieve even orbital hights some satellites are dispatched to for decades…

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