Curiosity never-ending: UFO hunter spots ‘coffin’ on Mars

An ‘alien coffin’ might possibly be added to the long list of curious objects found on the surface of the Red Planet. Puzzled UFO enthusiasts now want NASA’s Curiosity rover to take a closer look.

Cough, Cough - ?! -

Cough, Cough – ?! – How much more “debris” can we find on a never inhabited planet?

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Will Farrar, a UFO (unidentified flying object) hunter from Maryland, US, noticed a strange, box-shaped object as he was looking through a set of photos, taken by the Mars Curiosity rover.

On his YouTube channel, WhatsUpintheSky37, Farrar wrote: “This little box sure does look like a modern coffin concrete liner.”

“As well as the stonework on the back part of the hill that looks like stairs or some left over stonework from some old civilizations’ constructions,” he added.

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Alien researcher Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily website also believed the stone object could be a coffin, and might be of some interest to the US space agency.

“Coffins are made to stand the test of time, but this one is made from a stone like substance,” Waring blogged on Sunday.

“What would it take to get NASA to turn the rover around and examine the contents of this box?”

However, many scientists believe that recognition of strange objects – signs of alien life or images of prominent people’s faces, such as Barack Obama’s, which was also spotted on the surface of Mars – could just be a case of pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon of noticing a significant pattern in unexpected places. The ‘man in the moon’ is a common example.

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