The Original Experiencer of the Extraterrestrial ‘sentient matter’ or ‘Black Goo’ Interview

Published on 18 Feb 2013 : Reformatted from original radio session to video, with permission, by [email protected] /

– For in depth research on Alec Newald’s interactions with the Blue ET group related to the infamous Marconi deaths in the UK in the 1980s – check out the following link: and buy his updated book –  “Co-Evolution”.  Update due:

Alec Newald’s situation is unique amongst those who have tangible contact with visiting intelligences in the contemporary era. Hailing from New Zealand he recalls a few strange incidents as a child – one of which was being given a tetrahedron-like artefact by a small being which transported him to a parallel world where he met other children. Many of these experiences became clearer to him in the years after his contact as an adult.

Zeena begins telling Alec [in a telepathic, visual format] about some aspects of our Earth – including predicting a time of profound change which will be directly preceded by a large scale environmental issues in the region of Japan and the Gulf of Mexico. She also explains how their race had been attempting some sort of evolutionary experiment to bootstrap themselves into a new dimension when things went wrong and they were catapulted into a reality parallel to our own. They had tried living on Mars before its decline and had purposely hollowed out a large asteroid as a support “ship”. [continues on Exopedia]

One of several conference talks expanding on the data from Alec’s case and weaving in many other strands worked on between 2010-2013 by Alec Newald, David Griffin and Duncan Roads [editor of Nexus Magazine].  Note: A new discussion on this area, which has since exploded in the alternative media community [just search “black goo” on google] is due for the 2016 Nexus Conference.

See Exopedia for Alec’s background.
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Alec’s website where you can get his book:

CT AdminsThe Original Experiencer of the Extraterrestrial ‘sentient matter’ or ‘Black Goo’ Interview

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