Enigma Radio – Chris Everard – Alec Newald, Co-Evolution and David Griffin

Recent interview in preparation for Nexus 2016 conference with  Chris Everard’s Enigma Radio show of Truth Frequency Radio. This interview is fairly random but informative and should help listeners decide if they wish to find out additional aspects that have come to light for Alec Newald’s astonishing,  late 1980s contact account –  but also work done with Duncan Roads and David Griffin from 2011 to 2016.

Co-Evolution – 3rd Edition: due end 2016

Co-Evolution - 3rd Edition due end 2016 - post Nexus ConferenceAudio file edited [thanks to T.F.R.] with commercials removed.

Aired live June 6th 2016.  Host is Chris Everard from long-standing Enigma TV.

The Enigma Channel News Network On :June 5, 2016:
THE CHRIS EVERARD SHOW broadcast a special edition with guests ALEC NEWALD and DAVID GRIFFIN, who investigated Alien Abductions, UFOS and SECRET BASES at the SOUTH POLE…

Why does everyone from the NAZIS to Admiral Byrd, MARGARET THATCHER and the Queen of England have a fascination with the South Pole?  Why is it that this frozen land full of penguins is more likely to be the cause of the Third World War than any other? Chris Everard and his guests delve into ‘Queen Elizabeth Land’, alien abductions, the Falklands War and the primordial-alien BLACK GOO in a fascinating show which is available as a podcast on The Enigma Channel this week.


Above Audio Interview on Blue ET’s Communications Regards Terraforming Re-mediation Attempts Since W.W.1. Era in the South Atlantic:
Informative, but early in research cycle, background interview on this vast area which links contact to the geopolitical matrix.



adminEnigma Radio – Chris Everard – Alec Newald, Co-Evolution and David Griffin

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