1. Neil Crompton

    I’m very pleased to hear France is leading the way towards full disclosure.
    The leaders of the United Kingdom and the USA and other countries endeavouring to be subservient, elitist, facist and power hungry need to remember that every human on this planet has a ‘right’ to equality, freedom and respect.

    WE do not want an an autocratic system on our planet, we all deserve a fully open democratic system that looks out for every living person and indigenous species.

    Wake up people, it’s time to fight back!

    1. Author

      Hi Neil
      France may be playing ‘catch-up’ by these means though.

      From what i found researching the Falklands/marconi link – it seems that the so called “special relationship” between the UK and USA is in fact based on post WW2 agreements regards technology – where whatever one country gets – the other has access to.
      This may seem strange in the current era but it explains a lot if you look into post war and esp more recent geopolitical events….

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