Ancient Mummies Black-Goo Maybe Natural / Bio-AI System

– Forget the claim of ‘global warming’ in the Americas… what a coincidence that a few decades after humans search for, locate and have a war over (see: various media on ‘Marconi, Extraterrestrial Bases and Falklands War‘ – or the talk on Nexus DVD series with Alec Newald and Duncan Nexus) obtaining it in 1982 – similar ‘intelligent bacteria’ – called ‘Sentient Nano Substance‘ in the first few talks with ‘A Global Focus in US and AMMACH in the UK’ are emerging in other various forms.
The ‘Black Goo‘ term pretty much, from day one of going public,  replaced the initial ‘sentient nano tech’ description –  which I used to encourage a wider audience to consider encountering this complex area….  – I guess the replacement [based on Von Neumann’s ‘Grey Goo’] is more internet/smartphone/Sci-Fi ready  😛 ?!

Below is a complete Chinchorro mummy at San Miguel de Azapa Museum in Arica, Chile.
– Photo credit to Vivien Standen

“The goo is thought to be the result of colonies of bacteria thriving in the mummified skin.” ¹

“Mitchell had a series of questions: “Is the skin microbiome from these mummies different from normal human skin? Is there a different population of microbes? Does it behave differently? The whole microbiology of these things is unknown.” ²

The usual claims about ‘arsenic poisoning’ having [just now, after 5000-7000 years?!] caused the substance evacuation is the usual random claim we’ve come to expect from museum reps etc – whereas if they’d maybe BOTH watched the film Prometheus and also read the material and media 3 of us worked together on for 4-5 years… leading eventually to Marconi UK in the mid 80s, they may have had a more interesting and accurate response to these on-going events.
One thing I’ve learned about high strangeness topics – it’s not ALWAYS about the “thing” itself – it’s about a wider view or mosaic… timing is a crucial one of these components.

Note how fast UNESCO arrived to “take charge” of the multiple mummy leeching process. This tells us that what most of the public think is a mundane, ‘natural’ event – probably has a lot more going on. But then if you’ve followed the low-key, in-depth research since Alec’s book [edition #1] ‘Co-Evolution’ – you’ll have your own heads-up regarding this and related AI / Consciousness events.

– Several other examples exist of this type – check various y/tube channels or web site for more.
– Revisionist anthropologists may take note of the reference from the Inuit era to the changing orthodox history timeline, induced by Indo-European evidence at a location on the planET where current academic types cannot or maybe simply do not account for….

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CT AdminsAncient Mummies Black-Goo Maybe Natural / Bio-AI System


  1. davID

    One by one medical treatment PR and results are laudable – but as was said at the Nexus Conference when 3 people updated their research on this dark sentient nano substance goo [?!] – A.I., memes, viruses etc can in an instant rapidly replicate a version of itself [always morphing] – we need DIRECT healing methods for each of us.
    – This is why the Falklands War and Thule Island had decades long efforts by certain ‘scientists’ trying to prevent the darker AI form from being initially released via the medium of human folly.
    My guess is that true eradication of this ‘dark force’ [original term in book that introduced this topic – Co-Evolution] is by its nature going to take processes and technologies that we’re on the verge of just grasping. This is based on a yet disclosed aspect to the Falklands incident which should be discussed in the start of 2018. It’s wider than 60s New Age healing approaches – but these are of course a crucial part.
    Commented after discussion here:

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