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Contact Times – Tesla’s Possible Last Statement to the PlanET

We know that Serbian genius Nikola Tesla died alone and in relative poverty in his long term, small hotel room when he no longer had a working lab and had had many of his greatest projects sabotaged by big energy business and shadow government sectors.

The latter have been linked to a young George H Bush – who arrived ‘just in time’ for Tesla’s last gasp and proceeded to grab the majority of highly treasured and ‘secret’ designs Tesla by then knew the ‘whirrled’ he had been incarnated on – was in no way ready for benign applications like wireless electric etc – but DID want ‘death ray’ beams for ‘death’ use.
All this set the scenario for the symbolic, paranoia-fuelled 1947 National [or global] Security State –  whose primary drives were:

  • To ensure the notion of visiting intelligences was discredited
  • To ensure that any “foreign” tech ie: extraterrestrial and on the odd occasion –  SoviET [read ‘The Day After Roswell’ by Col P Corso]  was chanelled directly into a small, satellite groups’ hands –  including any astonishingly ahead inventions by terrestrial humans –  from Tesla onwards to this day.

However – recent developments in some areas discussed on small, obscure corners of the interWeb, hint strongly to those involved that Tesla lives on in more ways than his stolen and bastardized technologies and patents.

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CT AdminsContact Times – Tesla’s Possible Last Statement to the PlanET

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